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Thursday, January 8, 2015


A few of our favorites so far for 2015

Xbox1- With help, Cale sold a couple things and earned enough $ to purchase this. 
Disc Golf- His new RS introduced him to this and he loves it!
My Girls- He said he likes to make us laugh and be happy.

Being Cale's Wifey & Nora's Mommy- Love these role's I've been given. 
Friends- I really enjoy and value whatever time I get with friends!
Coffee- I just need this. 

Snacks-She is serious about food.
Standing- All she wants to do! Stand. Stand. Stand.
Daddy's Nipple Hair- What can I say about this? It's fascinating. 


  1. Dear One, What fun. Thank you for sharing. As to Nora's last favorite, well, when Lily (my granddaughter) was being held by her uncle at age 3 or 4 months, she tried to nurse. That didn't last long, but she tried. '~'

    I love you guys. Father loves you more,

  2. Love seeing your favorites! Mine so far for this year are: my dear husband, my 21 year old USAirman son, and my mastiff - Whiskey.

  3. Cute!
    Emily J.


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