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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Chocolate Day!


Last night Mr. & Mrs. went out for a little date to a hockey game. It's kind of a must when NHL is 20 minutes from home! ;) 

We have the Hurricanes here and although they aren't the Red Wings, we've decided we'll love and support them...unless they play Detroit! 

Before Christmas I had found shirts for us on clearance at Target. It was an exciting thing to get dressed for the game and already show we're fans as if we've always been. I do have to say, when we arrived at the game and decided to step into the team store just to look, it did feel like we were cheating on our beloved Wings. No purchases were made. Haha. 

We had quite the event looking for the Pilot after the game. It was in the 20's so we were both freezing and neither of us had any clue where we had parked. Let's just say, next time we'll pay more attention! Whoops!

He was SUPER excited to be watching an NHL game again.

I love him. Like, really. The small things are fun with him...and I know we'll never miss out on an adventure. Wowza.

(also, please enjoy the enthusiastic photo bombers)

We won! Yahoo!!

Some friends of ours gave Nora a large colored caterpillar as a fun little gift. They had seen it and instantly knew she would love it. She did. She named him Peter and she'll get on his back and yell out "Go Peter Go!!" It's pretty cute. Well...because she loved it SO much, they found another. They gave Cale this pink and red one to give to her as a Valentines gift. You guys. I can not even begin to tell you how much these kinds of things bless me. To think that someone would think of our family and know that Cale can't just go buy me flowers or buy his daughter a massive pink and red caterpillar so they do it or take him to do it...there's just no words. 

Anyways, they brought this thing and we didn't quite realize how large it was until putting it next to Peter. Guess what? She loves it. She's named her Penny-she's also Peter's mommy. She may be large enough to fill our living room...but we'll keep her :)

And these two-what else can be said? 

You know those friends that God gives you and your so very thankful for them you just want to dance? Yep. That's this lady. She was willing to stand in the freeeeeezing cold (freezing for here...but I'm very aware that some of you are literally freezing!) and cheer me on. I ran a fun 5k this afternoon. I had totally planned on just enjoying an easy pace but once I got to running, I ran. Beast Mode Yo. Beast Mode. 

My average pace was 8:06 and my chip time was 24:54 
Maybe not quite beast mode...but beasting for me for sure. :)

Darling questions:

Daddy- (During the sermon at church today) What do you think of circumcision? Should we get Nora circumcised? 


Nora- Why?

She had her first why question the other day and this afternoon it came out over and over. Here we go. Here. We. Go. 

Mommy- Nora, how much does mommy love you? She loves you BIG (with arm motions). Can you say that? Mommy loves you BIG! Nora crystal clear says "Mommy's big."

Uh...retract. Let's not walk around saying that. Thank you. 

I hope you had a great day full of chocolate...mine was ;) 


  1. WEEEELL,I had more chocolate than was good for me, anyway. Did I enjoy it....let's just say I'm looking forward to next Valentine's Day. :)

    I'm so glad you got to do a race. It's one way to feel connected. I really like that last picture of you in mid-stride. Your friend is a gem, for sure.

    Those caterpillars were made for you guys. From what I see, you'll get a lot of fun and use out of them, and some neat pictures too.

    I double rejoice with you that you could go to a hockey game. I remember how much Cale loved the Red Wings. Every time I saw anything Red Wing, I thought of you guys.

    I am trusting Father gives you more and more people who step into your lives and bless you as the caterpillar people did. You will see more and more why Father brought you there. You know, a thought just came to me, it might not only be for you He moved you there, but so that others would have an opportunity to go out of themselves and give. I just LOVE seeing Father use every opportunity before us in SOOO many ways.

    I love you Dear Heart, and am delighted with the gift of getting to read a part of you life should write a book. :) :)


    1. Marion,

      Yes. SO much chocolate. I'm too embarrassed to say how much...but it was so good! And worth it! :) I agree about the caterpillars! They're so fun! :) I've missed so much communicating with you!

  2. Hockey games, giant caterpillars, friends and chocolate -- see you are blessed! Great to hear your stories again!

    1. Ha! Yes! That's what I was thinking! :)

  3. Sweet, sweet post chocolate or not lol. So glad to be back on your blog keeping up with the blessings God is pouring out on you and on me for knowing you; now in person!!
    Love, Katie


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