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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

a bunch of this and that...

There is silence at the moment. 

I'm also awake enough that a nap won't be needed today...although I could definitely take one if I curled up on my comfy bed. I'll try to stick with updating this blog though :) 

I received an email recently and thought rather than responding to only that email, I would just respond on here only because the questions asked I know are shared by many of you and I'm due for another post!

I really had every intention in keeping this thing going this year-but summer has been summer and I've so loved spending our days out and about as well as swimming in the pool and soaking up the sun. 

We've taken a few trips which have all been great and eventful. One was to Disney World. 

I know.

I know exactly what you're thinking. 

Did you seriously take Cale and Nora to Disney World in the heat of summer...with all those people?!


Yes I did.


Oh yes.

We had some friends coming into town for a visit and they wanted to go. When Mama first brought it up, I said they could all go but we weren't going to. Well...we ended up going. 

It was hot. 

There were a ton of people. 

It was a haaaaaaard week.

We all survived and there were some good moments. Nora doesn't really know to many of the characters but the ones she did know she loved getting to hug. Minnie Mouse was one of them. She was beside herself when she saw her. 

Cale's quote that week was "This is NOT the happiest place on earth." and I agreed with him. It really isn't. Ha! 

I wish I could say that I had mastered how to perfectly handle the challenges that came and controlled my emotions the entire time but with being pregnant and human, it just wasn't so. Our friends did their own thing for the week as two high school girls and a two year old are kind of a difficult match to enjoy all the festivities of the Magical Kingdom together. Mama was mostly with us and she was a rock that week. 

I snapped this picture towards the end of the trip to capture so many of the moments we had. Cale was upset and Mama was so graciously trying to talk him down for the 100th time that week. I later found out that he was talking about getting into that police car. Those hard moments would pass and would be followed by a really great time for all of us. There are pictures and pictures of us smiling and I can honestly say, they weren't forced. When we were having fun, we were actually having a lot of fun. It just wasn't the perfect picture the whole time...and I know it's not for most families that go!

There was one evening on our way back to the park that as I sat there tears strolling down my face, I was thinking how when we were first married and would talk about all the trips we'd one day take with our kids, this isn't what I pictured. This isn't how it was supposed to be. I felt robbed and angry. 

"God, I'm so mad at him. I didn't sign up for this. I don't want to keep loving him sometimes. This isn't how our life was supposed to go." 

My flesh was crying out in a furry. 

This moment on the shuttle was a normal evening for everyone else with all excitement of what was going to take place at the overcrowded park but for me, I quickly felt a spiritual battle happening as if I could see it all in a clear picture right in front of me. My flesh was allowing the enemy to have control but the Holy Spirit was fighting for me. Fighting for me to keep my eyes on Jesus.

As I was saying "I didn't sign up for this." I was hearing, "You did. You did sign up for this." as I was saying "I don't want to keep loving him." I would even louder hear, "I've called you to love him. Not just when it's easy, but when it's difficult." 

Truth began to take over-

I've equipped you for this.
I've flooded you with grace for this.
I've softened your heart for this.
I've strengthened you for this.
I've carried you and will continue to carry you-for this.

It took me a little while to move on. But I held on to the tangible way I saw war for my thoughts; for my heart. Thankfully we arrived and enjoyed the rest of the night. Nora was as happy as could be unaware of anyone else feeling any different. She has a way of cheering her daddy up and helping him move out of a funk as well as her mommy. :)

I share this with you to show you that even after 6.5 years, we are still in battle and navigating this life with brain injury. It's hard. 

We're not alone though. As we continue to figure out day to day what in the world we're doing, we seek Jesus and know He's there. Always always there. 

She ran SO fast to get to Minnie! 

"I'm like an elephant!" -Nora


We also spent a week at a BEAUTIFUL lake house. There is a couple at church that allowed us to go and stay with some other friends of ours. This was such a GIFT. For the most part, the week was smooth and relaxing-ish. I'm not sure how relaxing life actually gets when a toddler is involved ;)

A little bit more of summer life...

Nora was in the parade for the fourth! She loved getting to decorate the wagon and go for a ride!

She's been doing a summer ballet class and LOVES it! We just signed her up to keep going for the year...yikes!! 

I love this picture. Well, both of them but this top one, she was laughing so hard and I'm not sure how the picture was in focus at all because I was laughing so hard!

She looses helping daddy play his iPad ;) 

Nation Ice Cream Day means you get your very own ice cream cone with pink ice cream and sprinkles!!! SO exciting!! 

We went to the beach with my brother and his family...we tried for a perfect family photo... 

Blueberry picking! We kept saying we needed to go and then finally did the very last day possible. There wasn't much left on the bushes but we did get a small amount!

Nora loves dinosaures. Well, these days we'll find these friendly fellows hanging out anywhere! 

Shopping with Susie Bear makes everything better! :)

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Mama's hand with Nora's. It's the sweetest. They made pancakes together Saturday morning and we ate them up! 

Silly faces!


A  little about Cale...

He's doing SO good. SO SO SO good. I wish there was a way to respond to the question, "What is Cale like now?'

BUT, I'm just not sure I can. 

We have times when I've asked him to grab something for me after not seeing him, I find him with a basket he's emptied and he has no memory of what he's been looking for. Or we have times when he asks the same question 500,000 times in one day and never remembers he's already asked-and I already answered. We also have times when he is meaning to ask where the cereal is but all he can get out is "where is my finger?" 

We also recently watched a miracle happen-NO JOKE.

You know Cale.

Well, even if you've NEVER met him, maybe you've read on here how he hates water and only wants to drink soda. This has been a battle for...well, as long as I've known him! It got worse after his injury-but wasn't a new battle. 

Many different people have tried many different ways to get Cale to drink water. Nope. He's a stubborn man. 

Last week one of his trainers somehow convinced Cale to be drinking water. Reese gave him this idea to get a water just and write lines on it with times and drink through the day.

Ok, yes, great idea. For Cale? No way.

Except, YES way!!!!

 He hasn't finished a whole gallon yet BUT he has been drinking out of his jug every single day. 


Thank you JESUS!

He really respects Reese and thinks of him as a friend but still. This is God. It has to be!


Speaking of the gym. 

We have been so very thankful for Wounded Warrior Project providing a gym membership AND a trainer at the gym for Cale for over a year. I can't even remember when it started. This has been HUGE for Cale and just since we've been in NC, we've seen improvement by leaps and bounds with Cale. I think part of it has to do with the trainers...and I'm not sure what else is so different. It's just been such a blessing.

I received a call that WWP is making cuts and will no longer be able to provide this for him. My first reaction is to be discouraged. Cale won't just go to the gym and really he can't and with his disability, he needs to have someone helping him who knows what they're doing. Not to mention, his two trainers, he really does consider them friends and friends for Cale has been a giant struggle for him. So they're a gift. 

I was telling a friend about it yesterday, processing with her. She reminded me that God is bigger than this...and we know that. There have been other times that it felt like things were going downhill and God would show us over and over that He knew what He was doing. Something better was in store. 

I need to trust Him and I know that. I do. 

I don't know what this change is going to look like for Cale but would you be praying with us about it? Wisdom to know what direction we need to go in? I want to trust and not fear!

He has a couple months left before his sessions and membership runs out. Thankfully!


I have more I could keep writing about all the things happening in our life but Nora woke up early and Cale is home. 

He brought me home chocolate. 

That's my man!

Hopefully I'll get on here and update some more before I'm a couple months behind again! 



  1. Brings tears to my eyes...I understand the struggle and the joy❤ I'm sorry to hear about the gym, my prayers are with didn't say much about our new baby �� love you guys and miss you all everyday!

    1. Ha! I know! I spent too much time talking about Disney World and didn't get to everything else I wanted to share! Hoping to update again within this next week! :) AND, WE MISS YOU!!!!!

  2. Dear Heart!! I check every day and had the JOY of reading a bit about your life. Thank YOU!!!! I don't know why Father does things as He does, BUT, I DO know He is on the throne AND NOTHING can happen to us by happenstance. Every single detail, and I mean every single detail, is orchestrated by Him. He doesn't waste a moment. What a mighty God we serve, is a wondrous song packed with TRUTH. You know He has you right in the palm of His mighty, yet gentle hand. He is holding you and your sweet family close to His heart. He is doing a mighty work where He is being GLORIFIED, and that is what it truly all about, our lives glorifying Him. When Satan goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour, Father with great PRIDE, says look at Kathleen, see how she honors me. Satan wants to destroy each of us, he hates God SOOO much, BUT, again I say BUT, he can't touch us without Father's okay. If Father okayed it, it can't...destroy us, I mean. It will grow us into the image of Father's sweet Son.

    I don't mean to ramble, I just have had my opportunities for trusting Father, and this is some of what He has given me. Thank you for letting remind myself just WHO Father is. I LOVE you and am grateful to be a part of your life,


    1. Thank you SO much Marion for your sweet encouraging words. I have been meaning to call you and it just hasn't happened...sorry! I love you though!!! And yes! He knows every little thing...we just need to TRUST! I seem to let that truth slip from my memory all too often!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thank you for sharing! It's so amazing to see how God works. It's encouraging to know that there are other people who gain strength in similar struggles. :-)

  5. Thank you, Lord, for the leaps and bounds, but even for the tiniest steps! Cale is becoming a new man again, and we are thankful for the positive changes and the times that you allow him to be happy, cooperative, and loving! Bless you all!

  6. I've been reading a long time, and the thing that always gets to me is how it sounds like you resent Cale at time, or maybe see who is now as a stranger compared to who he was before. Do you ever feel that way?

    Also the water wasn't God's doing. Reese found a way to get Cale enthused, like how we can get our kids excited to eat cauliflower by telling them it's a cloud they can touch. Sometimes it's just a person's ingenuity.

    And Disney's the happiest place on earth, so says this long-time pass-holder. :)

    1. Hi Lola,
      I responded to your comment on my current post. After reading what you wrote, I realized there could be many more people wondering or thinking the same things and I wanted to be able to give my thoughts to everyone. Thank you for being honest and willing to ask even the harder questions! Also, thank you for joining us on this journey for such a long time!

  7. Tell Cale, please, what an inspiration he is to my own drinking more water. :)


    My email has been down. I just got the message yesterday late evening. I'll respond on Monday. '~'

  8. Kathleen,

    Is there a way that people reading your blog can help continue to fund Cale's gym membership and training? Maybe not to the full extent that WWP could, but to help to some degree?

    1. yes! In fact, one sweet lady who reads this blog paid for some added sessions for Cale! That is always an option!

  9. Good to hear! What gym does Cale go to?


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