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Friday, December 14, 2018

Three Years...

Three years ago today, we officially moved into our home. It felt like it took quite a bit of work to get to the moment we were handed the key and told it was ours. 

We are so thankful. 

It's fun to think about all that has taken place in this home. 

We've had several visitors from Washington, friends from Maryland and friends from Michigan. 

We host community group every week which is one of my favorite things. 

We've had birthday parties...and other random parties.

Easton was born here.

I hosted a monthly ladies fellowship and now host a monthly moms group.

We've had play dates and meals on the deck. 

We've laughed a whole bunch and cried a whole bunch too. Sometimes we've laughed so hard we've cried. 

Since living in this home and in this new town, we have grown in relationships we already had before moving here...and they have become so much sweeter. 

We've made new friends and they have become so special I don't even have words. 

Often this last summer, Nora would say, "My real home is Washington State" or she would ask people "did you know I moved here from Washington?" At one point she even said, "I miss Washington so much, my heart is just too sad."

The funny part is, she was 19 months when we moved here. She doesn't actually remember living in Washington. She does remember the people though! Well, and that is mostly because all of us went for a visit last summer. 

In August just her and I flew for a visit and after being there without Grammy, Daddy, Easton, her home and all of her friends she looked at me and said, "mommy, when I'm in North Carolina, my heart is too sad and misses Washington. Now I'm in Washington and my heart is too sad and missing North Carolina."

I hugged her close, looked at her and said "Girl, I know how you feel."

If only we could blend the two...

A LOT has changed in three years and a lot is the same. 

Here is home. 

I'm excited for all the life that will continue to be lived in the walls we've been given here. It's a gift to listen to the sound the kids feet make as they run around and the sounds of conversation when company is here. There's more giggles with the two littles becoming more like friends and more crazy when anyone else is over. 

I pray that we continue to use our home to love others well. Often as a family we pray that as people walk through our front door they will experience something different than the world offers-and that is Jesus. 

p.s. literally 5 seconds before that last picture was taken, Easton was crying for the rest of his muffin. Way to say "cheese" for the family dude! ;)

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! What an insight from a child. Nora hit the nail on the head. Easton was/is pretty amazing to have put on such a fine picture face.

    Where you are, Jesus is. People can't help but feel Jesus when they come into your home. They might not recognize what they are feeling, but that's okay. Father knows and that's enough.

    Talking about 3 years ago, Lily was in kindergarten. NOW she is a second grader!! A thought, time flies...I wonder if it goes faster for a couple of reasons. One, technology, but the other even more so, that the time for Jesus return is so much closer.

    I am grateful to be a part of your journey. I love you,



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