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Thursday, December 6, 2018

We're baaaaaack!!

We're here. 

I don't quite know how to explain the excitement bubbling within me. Does that sound cheesy? Maybe. It's true though. This last year my heart has struggled quite a bit. Eventually some of that story may end up here, but maybe it won't. I'm not sure. 

All I know is that in the midst of it, I couldn't post. I just couldn't. 

Since the end of August I have felt led to post again and over the last couple months, there's this excitement that comes with every thought of it. 

I miss this.

I've missed you. 

Does anyone even blog anymore? I don't know. 

All I know is this is a door that hasn't shut and as long as it's open, I'll obey. 

I think I need one massive catch up post. Ha! SO much has happened, but I think slowly, it'll come.

We're enjoying the Christmas Season and ALL that comes with it. We love looking at lights, drinking cocoa, watching Christmas movies, seeing Santa, decorating graham cracker houses, presents, watching parades, Christmas cards, making cookies, sitting by the Christmas tree...

...most of all, we love celebrating Jesus. 

More posts will come and as we walk this out at times doing everything wrong or mixed up, we ask that you would give our family grace.

Like you, we're figuring this whole -living life on earth with other humans while keeping little humans alive- thing out. 

We're thankful for you joining us!



  1. My Sweet Kathleen !! I was going to email and tell you how I love your New Blog Face....It's charming. All I can say is I am glad to "be with you" again. Father has each of us on a path, sometimes it's to be shared, MUCH of the time it's between us and Jesus, an' no one else. What you share is Father's gift to us, what you don't share is Father's gift for you alone.

    You mentioned grace...A beautiful word. My Shepherd was speaking on grace last week. During the week Father gave me opportunity to practice it. During the circumstances it felt like He Emblazoned the word before my eyes. WOW!! The opportunity was a chance to show another the GRACE Father has shone all of my walk with Him. Too, in a small way it was/is an opportunity to understand Father/Jesus better. I have a chance to see how they feel when the same thing is done over and over and over...again. It's amazing Father trusts me with that message to another soul that's precious to Him.

    When we get to New Earth I think our jaws will drop at beauty of our tapestries because of what we went through. Father is that way, you know.

    I love you and am grateful to be on this journey with you,


    1. Thank you Marion! I was ready for something new and different...and maybe that included the kids! haha.

      I've so missed reading your comments. It feels good to be back! :)

      and yes...GRACE. Yes. Yes. Yes.

      The gifts from you are under the tree!!!!!


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