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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Would You Rather...

First, thank you all so much for your response to the last post. There is always always a need for us to be reminded that lives matter and we need to be more kind. :)

We have a book of questions that we've been asking each other and I thought it would be fun to share some of our answers...

Q. Would you rather eat snot on your steak or a worm in your pasta?
A. Steak because I like it better.

Q. Would you rather have four noses on your face or a tongue as long as your body?
A. A tongue. The noses would be terrible if they were bleeding!

Q. Would you rather have to wear a diaper for the rest of your life or drink and eat out of a baby bottle forever?
A. A diaper. I could go to the bathroom any time I want.

Q. Would you rather have to chop onions for a week straight or have to put onions on everything you ate for a whole month?
A. Chop them. You get use to it. Never eat them.

Q. Would you rather burn your mouth really bad every time you ate pizza or never eat pizza again?
A. Burn my mouth. Pizza is a need in life. 

Q. Would you rather have a baby that cries twice as loud and twice as often as other babies or one whose diaper needs to be changed twice as often but is very quiet and well behaved?
A. I will change the diapers. 

Q. Would you rather that it rained caterpillars for one day or that it rained feathers every day for a month?
A. Hmm...I'm going to go with feathers. Lots of caterpillars probably isn't my kind of thing. Nora would love it though!

Q. Would you rather have to sew all of your own clothes or have to grow and hunt all your own food?
A. Sew clothes. I don't actually know how to work the sewing machine well...but I could definitely live longer not having to kill & grow my food. Ha. 

Q. Would you rather have the power of superman for one day per year or the power of the president of the United States every day for a year?
A. Superman because he is a super hero and the president can't really do a lot of super stuff. 

Q. Would you rather be Cinderella or the fairy godmother? 
A. The fairy godmother! Lots of bad things happen to Cinderella and the fairy godmother gets to have anything she wants! Except for lots of candy because she'll get cavities!

Q. Would you rather have 14 fingers or 16 toes?
A. 14 fingers because they'll help me grab stuff.

Q. Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk or a giraffe neck?
A. A giraffe neck because I can see more stuff and discover more animals and I don't want to be an elephant because I don't want to make really loud noises. 

Q. Would you rather walk 10 miles in squishy swamp up to your knees or walk 10 miles in snow up to your waist?
A. Huh...walk in dog and Grammy and Easton and snow!

Q. Would you rather be attacked by a bunch of angry lobsters or by a pack of angry raccoons?
A. Angry raccoons they're hungry.

Q. Would you rather sleep as much as a cat does or never need any sleep?
A. Cat in bed (snoring sound)

Q. Would you rather have 12 kids or no kids at all?
A. Have 12 kids me.

What are some of your answers??

Nora's answer to the Cinderella question surprised me! I had to hold back laughter as she explained. 


  1. Kids say the darndest things. This reminds me of The Art Linkletter Show. He used to ask kids different questions with some pretty amazing answers....adults too.

    What is the name of this book? It would be fun to have.


    1. Hmm...I responded the other day and I guess it didn't post? Yes! Kids really do say funny things. They have so many thoughts!

      THe book is called Would You Rather. It's a blast!

  2. Great answers, but on #3 watch what you ask for! LOL Great pics of the fam...

    1. I responded the other day and I guess it didn't post! Haha! Yes! There were a couple that Nora would look at me and ask if it really was just a question. Hahaha!


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