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Sunday, March 1, 2020


I received the photos from Cale's celebration but I've been waiting for the right moment to post about it. Let me first say, I'm not sure I will be able to find words. Well, at least words that describe accurately how special this time was for us.

Also, can I just say that 10 years is a long time?! In just a few weeks, Cale and I will celebrate being married for 15 years- 15!!! Most of that has been with brain injury. I think it causes me to take a step back when it feels like I'm not sure what to do in situations regarding him, and remind myself that I know life with brain injury. I can have some confidence in that. 

This was a BIG surprise. It took lots of help and lots of planning. 

SO worth it. 

During that morning/day, Cale's head had been hurting him. He was super grumpy because of it. At one point I almost told him about it just so he would cheer up! Thankfully- self control. Ha. 

I had people at the church helping to set things up. A little before our celebration was a Valentine's lunch at church so we actually used their set up and switched gears from Valentine's to hockey! I was home with Cale and the kids so others made the magic happen! I am so thankful.

Cale was not in the mood to go to church but I let him know it wouldn't be long, he would enjoy it AND I knew some of his friends would be there. Ha! Sneaky...

When he asked what it was going to be like, I told him there would be a few speakers. When we walked in and everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" he thought he was in the wrong place and turned around so fast, walking back out! 

I had to go get him and tell him it was all for him. "Happy Alive Day Boy!" 

He came back with smiles :)


His doctor from while we were here came along with therapists he had here. It was truly amazing. At one point I looked around and the tears started to come. Oh man. I managed to hold them back. I wanted to just enjoy everyone and the moment. 

I started off speaking. Yikes. 

I didn't get out all that I was going to say but... that's ok. 

I shared about one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It's when Moses is in the wilderness with the Israelites and they end up going to war. The battle seemed like a loss from the beginning but the Israelites went to battle and Moses went on the hillside and as long as his arms were raised, the Israelites prevailed and when his arms dropped from exhaustion, the Amalekites would take over. 

God, being God and knowing the battle was going to happen and knew Moses' arms would become tired, provided Aaron and Hur on the hillside with him. In the midst of the battle and Moses becoming weary, they brought a stone over for him to sit on and each of them grabbed an arm and held it up. 

The Israelites won the battle. 

I think I've written about this story before on here? I can't remember so this may be repeat...but guys, this journey is long. It's long and hard and a daily battle. 

God is God and He knew all along that we would walk through this. He also knew me and knew Cale and provided for us over and over and over Aaron and Hur's in our life whether in that room to celebrate with us in person or across the US. At every twist and turn of this journey, He has provided those in our life that help hold us up and encourage us along the way. 

It's beautiful.
 It's beautiful.
It's beautiful. 

When I was speaking to everyone there, I saw so many of you or thought of you.

I also had a little to say to Cale...
and emotion overcame me. 

Cale is a gift to me. He's a gift to our family and he's a gift to everyone who gets to spend time with him. He really is.

One of the roles of a husband is to point his wife to Jesus. Cale does this every single day. He points me to Jesus in some of the most challenging ways and some of the most lovely ways. I know he will continue this.

Several also spoke to us which I am so so so thankful for. One of my friends actually pulled something from this blog that I want to post again because as she read it, I was saying to myself how that is still so much of my hearts desire even after all of these years. I had written it just a couple weeks after the accident happened...

"through all the hard stuff we’ve had to face, which for us, him going off to Basic and AIT and then through his two deployments, God was God through all of it. None of those times were fun for us but our life was created for more than just the two of us being together and being happy. Our life was created to love God and love people and do His will. The accident was not in our plans, that’s for sure! But, through it God is still God."


"My prayer is that Cale’s recovery would not just be another story of someone else surviving a wreck or severe brain injury but that God’s power and name would be so visible in every part of this like I see. We will have victory in Jesus name!
Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10"

Friends, I hope whether you have followed our story over the last decade or you are just hopping on the train- that you would see God's power and His name be lifted high through our whole life. 

Here are some pictures of us while people were speaking- I laughed pretty hard at some of these beauties...

it gets better...

I sent this one to a friend and she said I make this face all of the time. 

I don't get to make these faces and be your friend! Hahahahaha. 

After speakers were finished, everyone gathered around us and prayed- thanked God for the past and prayed over the future all the while praising Him for the God He is. A good God. 

We all sang Happy Alive Day to Cale just like we would Happy Birthday and then enjoyed cake! 


It was such a special time. This captures a little of it... I imagine someone else would be able to do a better job! haha! 

Thank you for walking with us.
Thank you for praying for us.
Thank you for laughing with us and crying with us. 

We're thankful for you! 


  1. Oh my Dearest Girl!!

    HAPPY ALIVE DAY to you both. What a Jewel you are to celebrate. Father delights in your honoring your husband. I think it is cool the way your saying, "Happy Alive Day, Boy," was what brought him back. It was a bit of your early times of calling each other "Boy," and "Girl" that still meant something to him. Father is GOOD!!!!

    I love you and am honored to walk a part of your journey with you.


    1. I am SO thankful for you Marion! You are a beautiful gift that has come out of the last decade.

      I wish you were able to come celebrate with us- like I wish so many had been... we are so thankful for you!!!


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