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Saturday, August 7, 2021

My Man.

Hello dear friends.

It's been a hot minute...hasn't it?


Well, a few weeks ago, I confessed to a few friends that I had been strongly feeling like I need to post on this blog but had (for many reasons) been fighting the discipline of sitting and typing. 

I'm going to be honest, one of the biggest factors of me not posting is knowing there are a lot of voices in the world already...I certainly don't need to add to the noise. It's been the thought that circles and circles in my head like a page online trying to load. When I get to the very bottom of it I know it's a lie and I know I can type on here and maybe only one person will mom. But that's ok. It really is. The question? Am I going to be obedient?

I can go much deeper with those thoughts, but I'll save them for another day. The reason that I was prompted to sit here while the kiddos play upstairs is my man. 

We have a tree out front of our yard. I love this tree. It also drops a lot of sticks & leaves. I've been looking at the yard since Wednesday and knew I needed to get it raked. It's going to be in the 90's here next week but this week has had cooler days and the poor tree doesn't know whether to keep it's leaves or let them go. Ha! 

This morning I decided I was just going to do it, even though rain was on the forecast. I started out with Nora using one rake and Easton picking up leaves and then I had another rake. They were pretending to be penguins and the leaves were fish they were gathering. I soon realized the game was truly going to make this an all day project. I suggested the kiddos look for worms for the turtles (I'll update about that later...) while I finished raking. I knew Cale was in the house and bored so I yelled upstairs asking if he wanted to come help me. He quickly said yes and I went back to raking. Before he made it out, the rain started. Not bad just a light sprinkle. He came out and then it started to rain a little more. 

I could see him struggling. 

Life right now for Cale is just harder. Over this last year we've experienced some changes and Cale's endurance has been greatly affected. Things that he could help with that would make him tired, are just even more of a challenge now and they exhaust him. 

I let him know I could totally finish. It had only been about 5 minutes he'd been outside but I saw his body already fighting. 

He was going to keep going. "keep raking" he responded to my pausing and talking to him. Ok. I'll let him decide when it's too much. 

He kept going. The rain started to pour. Hard. We were getting soaked and every time he was moving his rake it was harder and harder for him. He started to stand and just hold the rake a lot more moving quite a bit slower. I turned and looked at him and there was my man; he was standing there, rain dripping from his face, drool dripping from his mouth and his body was bent to the side showing just how tired he was. 

You guys. 

Tears welled up in my eyes. He didn't stop. He helped me. He served his family and he worked so hard to the point of exhaustion that will most likely have him toast all day. 

I can't even express how thankful I am. 

He has a legit reason to skip out of life and take the easy out but he pushes himself and does it without complaint. 

After finishing up, we went inside and cleaned up. I shaved his face and even washing his body in the shower took so much effort for him. 

I could have done the whole yard by myself...but I was super grateful for help. I gained a lot more than physical help though, I gained so much more respect for my husband and a heart overflowing with thankfulness for the gift he is in my life. 



  1. Kathleen, I'm so glad you're writing again. Yes, there are indeed many voices, but God uses YOUR voice, your heart, your story in a unique way that touches lives, mine included. I am grateful.

    1. I just have felt like so many famous people have blogs and write way more eloquently than I ever could... and so many platforms of people sharing all the things. I don't want to be the clanging cymbal. However, I knew that while there are a lot of voices, the Lord gave me one and I need to just obey with it! I've had my heart worked on quite a bit! :)

  2. So much LOVE in YOUR HEART, Kathleen!

  3. Thank you for sharing Cale’s love for you. It has always been part of your story. Your love and devotion to each other. That is what the world is missing.

  4. One more beautiful song is sung in the forest it does not diminish the others but adds to the beauty of a marvelous crescendo.
    His voice is heard through the song of his life and love for you . Your song blends perfectly with his in a harmony and melody of love , joy and hope . Who then will sing if all have grown silent, who then will tell of this wondrous love? Who then will shout with the triumph of loving the heart will , the heart will YES the heart !
    I delight in the knowing of his loving you . That with all of his hardships loving you is still his number one priority !
    I’m so glad you are writing again I have missed you ! ♥️ Always ! Reenie

    1. I am always SO thankful for your encouragement Reenie! You are a gift to me!!

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
    Emily Jordan

  6. Thank you for sharing!! I have followed your blog from day 1 and then my parents moved into your house in Kennewick and I thought that was soo awsome since I had followed you from day 1.. I love your inspiration!!

    1. Heather! I did not know that! How special!! We miss that home a lot...and how sweet that after following our story your parents moved into it! Love!

  7. Dear One!!

    I checked just to see if you had posted. The sweet gift was a yes! Thank you.

    What a blessing to see how Cale worked so hard to help you. More of a blessing though, that you are able to see and appreciate it.

    I love you,


    1. Marion!!!

      I have missed hearing from you so much. Yes, it's been awhile BUT after lots of heart work, I'm back...whatever that looks like :)

      SO thankful for you!!

  8. Love this, Kathleen.

  9. Such a blessing to read this, Kathleen, you can't imagine how it's touched my heart! I believe that Cale is a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow; and in some fashion, he has found his pot of gold at the end of his rainbow (his family and serving it to the best of his ability). Does that mean this is your only pot of gold? No! Our gracious God has more


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