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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update - Joy

Here is a brief update on Cale this morning. Cale had a very good night, partly due to the morphine drip. They are going to do another CT scan to check the swelling of his brain. The doctor wants to take him off of the morphine drip after they do the CT scan, because they want to see how well he does without it. He is receiving a light sedative along with the morphine which keeps him from being so agitated. To date he has reacted very well to everything the doctors have done. We continue to pray for him here every day, all day. We all feel God here with us and with Cale. I will update again later if we have any other news. We feel the love from everyone in what you have commented on this blog as well as through facebook and emails.


  1. Praise God that Cale is reacting well to everything!We know that God will heal him in His time.We continue to lift him up in prayer.Thank you guys for being there with him and for keeping us updated.

  2. I just want to THANK ALL OF YOU for continuing to post updates on Cale's progress! He, Kathleen, and all of you, are in my prayers. I log into this site several time each day to see the latest news. THANK YOU for being so considerate of all the rest of us who cannot be there in person. Through typing, I cannot fully express my appreciation of your updates, nor of my sadness for your family.
    PLEASE give Kathleen my LOVE!
    I worked with Kathleen at CLRR.
    Lorri Cyphers, LPN

  3. hey i pray alot for cale, and all of you for that matter. im glad kat that you are keeping your health up and that you have a positive outlook. i will continue to pray for you. i wished yall were closer i would love to see you, infact ive never met him, well outside of the wedding. keep lookin upwards love you jurita


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