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Friday, February 19, 2010

Update - Kathy

This day has brought us some discouraging news, but the Doctor did say that Cale is responding to the treatments he is receiving. That is good news. Everyone please continue to pray with us and for us.


  1. my family and i continue to pray for you and cale.thats great he responding to surgery:)

  2. Constantly my mind wanders to all of you...know you are being held...
    Psalms146~11: Lord, saving me will bring glory to your name. Bring me out of this trouble because you are true to your promises.

    Father God I pray that you rescue your servant Cale, for the plans you have for his life must indeed be great...for you have saved him from the clutches of your enemy in far off lands and restored him to his loving family. I pray for strength as they wait on you your SON's precious name Amen <><

  3. just you wait Kathleen, this is just another miracle God is going to perform. Praise you Father for healing Cale. Thank you for answering our prayers. Surround Kathleen with peace and comfort.
    love you guys,
    Tami Junt

  4. Every night before bed I refresh Cale's website (which is always open)on my iphone, to check his progress. My boyfriend and I pray for Cale nightly. May God be with your entire family. You are all so very strong. God Bless.

    Alyssa M. Hall

  5. Thanks so much for the updates. We're following and praying with you. Much love from NY. ch:

  6. STACI AND FAMILY2/20/10, 8:49 AM

    Good mourning all, lets all pray today is a good day. God if you could help give him a good day alot of people mostly our Cale we would really love that. I love you and we will continue to pray. Staci


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