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Friday, February 19, 2010

Update - Joy

Cale's heart rate & blood pressure continue to be elevated. He is now on a constant morphine drip to assist in lowering the heart rate and helping with pain. Another scan was done of his brain and there is some more swelling, everyone who goes into his room now are to remain as calm and quiet as possible. He was put back on a ventilator today, the doctors said it is not because he can't breathe on his own, but they want to ease his effort. There are preventive steps being taken to guard against meningitis and there is also the possibility of bone marrow emboli due to the fractured femur. The last two issues are not definite problems, but the doctors are looking at everything in a preventive aspect.


  1. Tamara L. Host2/19/10, 12:26 PM

    My heart and my prayers go out to all of you...Even though I know none of you, I have kept up daily on Cale's progress and I will keep reading and praying...Strength is hard to find at times but God will be your strength through this...

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  3. Jean M. Benson2/19/10, 1:09 PM

    continuos prayers. Maybe the storm before calm. Lord we come before and ask for complete healing for Calebs body Lord. We know that you are the Most High God and Physician who can heal anything. We ask for your mercy on the body of this wonderful young man.
    In Jesus name,


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