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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update - Joy

Cale is having issues with fever, his brain wants to go to a very high temperature which is very dangerous. They are trying to regulate his temperature with the cooling blanket, which causes him to shiver. They are going to try to regulate his temperature by raising the temperature of the cooling blanket to 38 degrees C. Which will cause him to have a fever, just not a dangerously high fever. They want to start monitoring his brain activity to check for seizures, but the shivering messes up the results of the EEG. They are also putting him on a higher dosage of medicine. As far as his brain progress, it hasn't gotten any better or any worse, neurologically he is the same.

Now on to a happier note, while the nurse was working with Cale, he raised his arm off of the bed as if to ward her off. He has made slight movements before, but nothing like this. The nurse will be watching him closely today. It's just like Cale to have the doctors deliver the news that they did and then to raise his arm as if to say, "I'm here and I'm fighting".

We serve a mighty God, who is watching over all of us and keeping our spirits lifted. While we sit in the waiting room and pray for Cale we have had the opportunity to pray for others and learn their stories. There are certain people here who stop by every day and ask about his status, we get the status on their loved ones and we pray for each other. God is at work here in so many ways and with so many people that there is no way we could feel anything but thankful for the way God loves us.


  1. Kathleen,

    I am standing with you and believing that soon Cale is going to wake up and have quite a few things to say!

    I know the waiting is hard...but I am sure that this is what the Lord wants. Lean on Him and be in(courage).

    Theresa Woodkirk

  2. Christian and Kathy Fahey2/23/10, 11:35 AM

    Kathy Fahey

    We are continually praying for you. I was thinking that this trial that you are going through is a lot like Bob Woodruff did. He is a ABC journalist that suffered severe brain trauma while covering a story in Iraq. He was in a coma for a while and then one day when his wife walked in.... HE WAS SITTING UP in bed and said"HEY HONEY, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" We are praying ,we are you. Christian and Kathy Fahey

  3. i thank God for anything that we can all hold on to. thanks so much for all of the updates it really helps all of us that arent there and dont know how to pray or what to do. thanks and we love you, continued prayers.

  4. Hello Joy, I am Kristen's mom. Thank you soooo much for your updates. I check in to this blog about 3 times a day and it really helps to know what direction to pray for Cale. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys every day.... all day.
    You are right, we DO serve an awesome God and Cale is resting in the palm of His hand. Praise the Lord.
    With many prayers,

  5. I am so thankful to read about this tiny miracle of movement...the good Lord has raised up a mighty warrior within Cale. "Thou oh Lord, are a shield about me, your my glory, your the lifter of my head" <><
    Know you are in my constant thoughts....

  6. Its so good to hear that Cale was able to move his arm today. I know its something so little, but that is still progress. I don't personally know Cale but I know some of his story and he sounds like a very strong person. God knows when he will be ready to join us again and until then we will all be praying.

    You are surounded with so many that have such an insane amount of love for you. Staci loves you dearly and shared what happened with me. Although we don't know each other I couldn't help but say something to you. You sound like a wonderful person thats full of life and has a crazy personality. If your anything like Staci, i know why people love you. You bring joy to so many and im not sure that you realize it. I don't even know you and your story has touched me. You are making progress which is great and we thank you and God for that. From the little that i know about you, you are a fighter and what your going through proves it. I know that God is making sure that you pull through this fight in the way that he knows you can. I would really like to continue hearing good progress from you, and remember, any progress is good progress. My prayers are with you and your family.


  7. I know this is just a little bump in the road to Cale's recovery but with my faith in GOD i know that he will help Cale pull thru this. He's a very strong young man. He has always been the stubborn type of person, which makes me believe that he is going to fight hard to get thru this. I love and pray for you and family and friends that are there to support you. Love, your big lil sis Chei


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