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Monday, February 22, 2010

Update - Kathy

Cale's nurse said the bronchoscopy went good. He had quite a bit more in his lungs than the last time. They took the staples out today and now we just have to wait and see the results from the cultures taken. He looked comfortable and breathing a lot easier than this morning when we left.


  1. Jean M. Benson2/22/10, 5:14 PM

    We are continuing to pray for you every day. Morning , noon and night we hold you up. We pray you get your strnght and comfort and peace from the knowledge that we are here and loving on you and praying for our sleeping princes continued recovery. He will perfect Caleb in this sleep and wake him in His perfect timing.

  2. Tigger made this blanket for Cale and she prayed over it! Thank you Tigger!

  3. Jean M. Benson2/23/10, 8:41 AM

    Wow the news is getting better and he is sure looking better. How appropriate that he is wearing a Superhero blanket. He is a hero and now we are just waiting for Gods timing to wake him. Those who wait upon the Lord will be richly rewarded. We wait and we pray and we love you so much. Holding in a GIANT HUGE hug.

  4. The blanket looks good on him!! You are very welcome! Love you guys so very much!! Can't wait to hear that he's awake and talking!! There was a lot of prayer and love that went into that blanket!! Hoping that one day he will give it to his son! All 3 of the kids hugged and pray over it too! And they helped make it too! The boys want Uncle Cale to come out and play with them again and brake their chair again! LOL!! And yes Jean we made him a superhero blanket for a guy who is a real life superhero! Still praying! God is going to do big things!! I believe it and Cale is going to wake up! God would not bring him this far to have him leave us now! Love you both!


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