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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Today was a good day! Cale was a lot more active, finally while I was there! Haha! It wasn't really big movements but he moved his hands around a lot. Watching was so great because it was like his hands were discovering everything around. He played with my hand for a long time too! :) It was super sweet! It's very obvious now when he's sleeping or awake. Every day is so exciting waiting to see what he's going to do next! Oh yeah he yawned today too! The nurse said that's normal but for us it was new and since we're always with him I'm pretty sure it's new for him too! I can feel myself getting antsy wanting him to just come out of the coma and say "hi girl!" I guess one day that will come...

Yay for such good days! :)

Again, I can not say enough, thank you for ALL the prayers!


  1. Yay! That is so awesome!

    Sarah White

  2. Jean M. Benson2/28/10, 4:43 PM

    Yay Indeed for good days. There are so many more to come. He does not fail us. And we truly believe that Caleb is hearing every word you all are saying to him.And he just needs a longer nap. The yawn is a sign his nap is almost over. Praise God for his good works. We love you Kathleen.
    Jean and Charlie.... <3

  3. Phil Lueders2/28/10, 5:07 PM

    This is Phil Lueders. Your post is very encouraging! We prayed for Cale again today. I also found a very good photo of him in Afghanistan. In the photo he's pointing to a snow globe. He was the first one to be able to win this little game you play getting a golf ball to stay on a tee in this snow globe. Cale was the only one who could do it, and after SGT Edwards watched him and figured a way to do it, your husband was still the quickest, able to land it on the tee in seconds. I don't think I can post the picture here, so I will send it to you. Watched US and Canada Olympic hockey today and wished he could see it since it's a sport he loves to play and watch. Best wishes and God bless you both.

  4. Such good news! We continue to pray for all of you. Hugs to you sweet girl!

    ~Kathleen D.

  5. thats great excited for you.:)

  6. been keeping up with your updates but missed 2 days. it is so exciting to find things coming along good. we'll keep on praying for you all!


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