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Monday, March 1, 2010

Update - TJ

I've been letting Cale just rest most of the morning. They have the braces off his hands so I felt like working him out. I asked him to raise his hand and point his index finger for me. It took about half a minute for him to get control of his hand but then he held up a couple inches off his stomach and pointed his index finger towards me. I was stoked like usual whenever I think he can hear me so just to make sure it wasn't just in my head I asked him a couple minutes later to do it again. Took him a half the time and with his hand raised he pointed his index finger.

It has been hard up until now to know for sure that my best friend is still with me but I know now. I know all the rambling night after night is actually getting him somewhere. Still not sure whether it bores him or gives him something to listen but at least I know he hears me now.


  1. I am so happy to read this are not boring him I am sure of that. Cale needs to know he is surrounded by love and all of you are showing him that by being there and helping him to find himself. Each day will be better than the one day at a time.
    We are keeping you close to our hearts <><

  2. It's the voices surrounding Cale, talking to him, keeping him in the conversation, that are helping to bring him around. Keep talking! There's no way he's bored :) He knows you all love him and are ready for him to wake up. The more you talk to him, and have him do the little things to keep his mind active, the sooner you'll all hear the voice of a man you so obviously love.
    Many prayers are going out to you all.
    In Him,
    Kennewick Baptist Church

  3. TJ just keep faith he is there just not ready to answer if the doctors let you try bring him a hockey puck or an Xbox remote he has all the love of his family and friends right now but no hockey and no video games. You are strong and so is he you are amazing just for being there.


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