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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Update - Kathy

When I went in to see Cale this morning it appeared that he was sleeping. I said good morning to him and rubbed his cheek like I always do. He moved his head away from my touch and it surprised me since he has not done that before. After just a few minutes he appeared to wake up. His eyes opened a little more than they have been. He was clenching his hands tight so I grabbed his hand and told him "Cale, it's mom. Can you relax for me." I felt all the tension go from his hand and he held on to mine and slowly started rubbing my hand with his thumb. If I tried to pull my hand away from his he would just squeeze my hand as if to tell me to not let go yet. I felt so happy at that point I thought I would see if maybe he could do a bit more. I asked him if he could here me to blink his eyes. And he did!!! Then I asked him to wiggle his toes, and he did!!! As I sat there beside him and talking to him, he continued to rub my hand with his thumb and fingers. When the nurse came in to put medicine in his IV he lifted his arm toward her. This all means so much to me and it makes it hard to leave his room. I just want to sit there with him so I don't miss a thing.
The nurse said that he had a good night last night. His white cell count is normal and all the blood and urine tests look good. He is continuing to cough well to clear his lungs. They finally have a good handle on his infection and fever. The respiratory therapist says his lungs sound a lot better too. I am so very happy right now to finally see a little bit of Cale shine through.


  1. Hannah Hayner2/27/10, 10:45 AM

    wow!!! how amazing and encouraging!!! thank God! i can't imagine how happy you must be to feel your son rub your hand. :) i love and am praying for you all!


  3. Oh Kathy, You just made my day! I feel joy in my heart as you must also feel!To get the responses from Cale that you just did today must be so overwhemingly loving! I feel nothing but joy and love right now for you and for Cale! Check out all the exclamation marks! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!! God is Good! I Love you, My sister and my heart is full!


  4. Oh you happy mother Kathy! What a great and clear picture you paint for us of Cale's improvement. Little by little...still quiet moments will become real miracles! Praise God for his faithfulness<><


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