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Friday, February 26, 2010

Update - TJ

In with Cale right now. It's the first night since Joe left but Cale's helped me through it. It had been a quiet night until around 5 AM when the nurses came in and woke him up a little. He's been moving his hands and chomping his jaw (which kills me every time). Watching him move just reminds me that he's always been a fighter and he's not take it easy. He kept trying to grab at the lines connected to his hand and remove them. I know he's still in a coma, yet I reminded him that Kathleen was going to be here in a few hours and he needed to keep his strength till then. Within seconds stopped pulling and slowly began to close his eye and fall back asleep.

The hardest part about all of this is just waiting. I keep expecting him to just wake up and be himself but the reality of it is that it's going to be a slow process. I can't wait for Kathleen to get here, she's been so excited the last couple days with him moving around. I know today's going to be a great day for the both of them.


  1. Softly he stirs and the world around him becomes alive with hope...and eagerly we wait upon the LORD in his perfect time.<><

  2. Love you tej...I think about you a lot.. its been great hearing that he has been moving around. I'm praying for God to help you all through the waiting.

  3. Hannah Hayner2/26/10, 9:09 AM

    wow! praise God! that is all sooo exciting and encouraging! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you for your post, TJ. When I read about his movement I got a feeling of excitment in the pit of my stomach. Knowing that Cale is a fighter with a strong personality, you just know he is not going to give up. He is definately on the mend. I imagine his doctors having to remind him to take it easy, when he wakes up. I imagine him wanting to jump on his skateboard as soon as he is standing. I imagine him wanting to "get the ball rollin" concerning his and Kathleen's plans. I imagine his goofy sense of humor during his recovery and rehab and just know the doctors and nurses are going to love him and miss his presence on the day he gets to go home.
    TJ, you are an amazing friend. I get goosebumps thinking about you taking time to be with Cale and Kathleen during this time.
    Aunt Sue

  5. This news is very exciting. I am glad to hear that he is moving around alot more. The day will come when he awakens completely. Everyone is still in my prayers. I love you Cale. Love. your big lil sis

  6. TJ,
    You have been in my prayers through this entire ordeal. Cale is so blessed to have you as his friend. Keep being strong for Cale and Kathleen, and keep the faith. Cale WILL wake up and he will recover. My heart is with you.
    In Christ,
    Connie Bates


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