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Friday, February 26, 2010

Update - Joy

Cale is being lazy today & not moving too much. He does have his right eyelid opened ever so slightly, but we are not sure if he is intentionally doing that or not. The fever seems to be under control now & the cooling blanket is completely gone.
We have been so blessed this week to have pastors & members of Memorial Baptist Church come in to minister to us and pray over Cale. If anything else exciting happens, one of us will post it.


  1. Lazy! lol! that's funny! Love you all and still praying!

  2. We are thinking about you all the time...when I click up the blog, I stoked Cales cheek and say, "Hello Sunshine"...the LORD's light is shining on his face. It is rainy here in the Tri Cities today but our hearts are filled with sunshine at the tiny steps of recovery you have to share with us. <><

  3. I heard about the terrible accident to both of you from my dear friend Karla. It has shocked me very much and I am very sad. But I also have a great hope. It is love. Your love and God's love. God is always with you and no one can fall farther than in God's hands. I pray for Cale.
    Many love greetings and hugs from Germany,


  4. Jean M. Benson2/26/10, 10:46 PM

    Still praying for you my dear sweet friend. I love you so much. Sending you lots of hugs. I am sending you a package tomorrow with a bunch of magazines for you to read and some chocolate and something else for you. Just some things to keep you cheered up. I love you princess.


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