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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update - Joy

This is the last update I will be doing, at least from NC. We are sitting in Cale's room & today Rachel is with us. Cale is pretty active right now, his busy mat is across him but he is more interested in getting to the trach collar. He may not be awake yet, but he is very determined to get the trach off. He gets really sneaky about how he gets his hands & fingers up under the collar. He is trembling pretty bad right now around his mouth, Kathleen managed to get him to clench his teeth which helps slow down the trembling. I am watching & listening to her as she talks softly to him trying to calm him down. The doctors are pretty sure that he is not having seizures, but will probably do another EEG to be sure. He has on the valve that helps him to make sounds, talk & pushes the air he exhales out his mouth. He started to cough just now & there was definitely some sound that came out of his mouth. Praise God for Cale's progress!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the updates and we rejoice with you with Caleb's progress!


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