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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sun on his face

Despite today being another hard, emotional, roller coaster of a day, it was really great. I spent the morning being tossed between feeling so much encouragement and discouragement all at the same time, it's pretty interesting the thoughts that come during a time like that. At some points I'm not sure which one I'm feeling. Rachel reminded me today that it's okay that I'm having all these thoughts and feelings because God can handle it. How great that He can! Good news is that even though there is discouragement, I feel way more encouraged then not!

They had to do a few tests along with another chest x-ray to see if there was anything happening with Cale that shouldn't be going on. His temperature was a little high today and his white blood cells were up. So far they've gotten the results for everything except the blood test and so far he's doing fine.

The final test for the infection we've been waiting on came back was negative! Woohoo! That's so nice because now Cale can go outside. Today was really rainy and cold so by the time they said he was clear to leave the room we had to just walk around the hospital, which was still way better then staying in his little room. When the lady came to tell me his room was finished being cleaned and we could go back in if we wanted, I decided to walk just a little longer. As we walked pass the windows in the hall, I saw sun! It didn't feel cold at all outside so we went! Cale's first time getting fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun on his face. It was such a great moment! Doesn't he look handsome! Hehe! :)

Also, today PT and OT wanted to take some more steps today. He was having lots of trouble with his right leg. When they first started he would move his left leg, pause, and then move his left leg again. It was like it didn't register that his right leg didn't move. As they walked him today, they moved his right leg, but he did the left on his own. He was having trouble standing straight, but that will come :) Here he is...sorry it's sideways...

Today is 10 weeks since the accident. I was watching some of the older videos, it's amazing how far Cale has come. Really. We were so excited when he first started to lift his hand and then his arm, and now he's walking to his bed! Everyday, we are another step farther in recovery. I'm so proud of him.

Tomorrow is the day I'm asking everyone to spend the day fasting and praying with me! Thank you so much for coming along side me and encouraging me so much.


  1. Kathleen, I am a FB friend of Carlos but have been following along since the beginning of yours & Cales struggles and am amazed at how far he has come and what a strong faith you have exhibited through all of this...I have shared your story with my friends and we have quite a big circle of prayer warriors observing the day of fasting & prayer for you here in TEXAS, and let me tell you, in TEXAS everything is bigger so we are praying for that really HUGE miracle to heal his brain stem! Please know we are sending love and hope and prayers your way and up all day tomorrow! Blessing and strength, Lori

  2. Charlie and I sit here in tears as we are so amazed at how far he has come Kathleen. Wow he's walking. How incredible is that!!! It is so awesome to see this. Sunshine on his shoulders makes him happy. It just makes us so incredibly proud of you both.And you know that we will both be standing with you in fasting and prayer tomorrow my darling girl. We love you so incredibly much and pray that tomorrow as we stand together with you God will touch that prince in a mighty way.
    Charlie and Jean

  3. Kathleen,
    How exciting that Cale is walking!! I have been praying for improvement for him each day. For each day, Cale to do things that the doctors do not expect so that we can give glory to God and that your faith will be rewarded. I hope to meet you soon!! You are an amazing woman of faith. Thank you for your example and for sharing how God is teaching you through this.
    Love, Christina

  4. Sunshine always helps the soul and spirit! What an amazing video! He will look back over all these blog entries and videos one day and smile with great joy that you logged his progress so well! We truly serve an amazing God that can do ALL things. Hope to meet you soon!

  5. I will stand in prayer and fasting tomorrow with you. love you both, praying and asking for a creative miracle for Cale and thanking Him for how awesome He is and what He is doing..... He is a healing Father who loves you both so very much. Kathleen thanks for sharing and allowing us to share this intimate time and to be able to see what God is doing.

  6. I'm Dave James - I'm Rachel and Joe's uncle. You guys don't know me but I am praying hard for Cale. You are both such an inspiration. It is truly awesome to see God working through this young man.

  7. Way to go Cale!! Thank you Father for what you have done and are still doing in the Darling's lives! I ask You Father for your peace to come over Kathleen. For Your healing hand to touch Cale in a mighty way! Father as we lift Cale up to you and join Kathleen in fasting and praying I ask that you do great and mighty things in Cale's life. father open his mouth and let him speak! Father open his eyes and let him see! Father reach down and heal Cale in Jesus name! So that the Drs will have to say YES there is a God! For they will see You in Cale and Kathleen. And know that You are the only one who could have healed him! Father I pray that you will bless the Darling's while we fast. And that you will give Kathleen back her crazy loving wonderful husband Cale. Amen! Standing with you today, tomorrow and forever girl! Love you both!

  8. Know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your friends and family.

  9. Karon
    How amazing that so many people can be united over one persons recovery via the internet, strangers included! That would be ME, I'm Nicoles Cousin and have been following cales story, praying, hoping. I'm so happy to hear of the steps and the sun came out for the blessed event. God Bless you and your family!

  10. Fasting for u and Cale today!

  11. Carolyn Gilchrist4/22/10, 11:07 AM

    I am fasting with you and praying for Cale and for you. With every hunger pang, I am remembering you both. For Caleb - for his healing, that he is sitting right in the lap of his Father God, and that HE is speaking wonderful and amazing mysteries to him throughout this time. And for you, Kathleen - that God is pouring extravagant amounts of grace and love upon you, and that you would be able to actually feel it in your bones and have rest and peace in your mind because of it. Love you, Carolyn

  12. Kathleen and Cale, It is amazing to hear how far he has come since day one. I am very excited to see how much farther he is going to progress. I was going to join in on the fasting for Cale but unfortunately I am unable to because of my surgery but Tonya is doing it for all who can't. I have many friends over here praying for the both of you. I love and miss the both of you. Love, your lil big sis Chei

  13. We rejoice in the honor of praying and fasting for you both. We prayed together, for the mighty blood and power of Jesus to chase away the darkness and the schemes of the enemy. Greater is He who is in you and Cale, than he that is in the world! We are praying for the Son to be glorified through your man's absolute restoration and healing...He is mighty to save. Our hearts are heavy for you both, but so, so full of hope.

    We love you so much!!!
    Elisabeth and Philip Thomas


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