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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hospital life...I'm not sure how "normal" it can get, but today up until a little bit ago, was pretty normal I'd say. This morning when I got here, the speech therapist was in and said that Cale was trying to push himself up to sit. The nurse was in the room also and they were discussing how this might be a problem if he were in bed with no restraints, then he could possibly fall out of bed and how they might have to switch his bed again. I realized as I was getting the news that he was trying to sit up, I have been organizing all of his progress since last week! Every time I see something or hear of something Cale has done, I try to decide what folder it goes in, is it expected progress, or beyond expected progress? It's like I put it on a scale of how excited should I be? Well, I'm done with that. He deserves all of my excitement all of the time! With EVERY little step he takes through recovery.

This afternoon they tried to walk him again. Still no luck with weight on his left leg. They did stand him up in this standing contraption thing. He tolerated 8 minutes, which seemed to be a good amount of time. I try to interpret the theapist faces :)

We got to sit outside some more today. It was pretty chilly, but I didn't mind. he always seems to relax when we go out. I did find a bug bite on his leg today! I'm not sure why it seemed like such an exciting thing it this crazy head of mine, all I can think of is that at least his leg is still here, to even get a bug bite! haha!

So, I was sitting here on the computer looking up different facilities and information on TBI patients and all of a sudden, there's Caleb's head! He was sitting up in bed! I gasped really loud and ran to the bed, right away he laid back down and stayed there, leaving my heart racing! It was so weird! I half expected to run over and have him look at me and talk like normal! I didn't want to say anything to the nurse because it's huge seeing him sit up like that and I don't want them to restrain him...well, about 15 minutes later, the nurse walks in to give Caleb his feeding and he does it again! This morning when they were talking about the possibility of him sitting up, they explained it wasn't something that's really unusual at this stage, but his movements are a lot more purposeful so that is a good thing. He's funny and always makes me smile :) I started laughing so hard, what else can you do?

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21


  1. I love the fact you can find joy in the small things as well as the big ones. Keep smiling your very beautiful when you do.
    Big Sis Carla

  2. I continue to follow your updates and I am so Proud of you Kathleen. Even in your trials your going through you still keep smiling and being positive. Praise God Cale has you there for him. He is doing awsome everyday, and he will be so thrilled when he is all better that you documented his daily recovery process!

    Andrea Alvarado

  3. What an exciting week this has been!!!!
    What strides he is making Kathleen. The pictures I am sure do not do justice to how handsome he is looking. I love it. And we are so proud of you of course as you strong as you remain. We have said before only the Healer knows how much he will get back and it looks like he is surprising everyone and thats a good thing.
    We love you and we are so proud of you sweet girl.
    Love you,
    Jean and Charlie

  4. Only God knows His plans for you and Cale. Looks like Gods plans are bigger and better than any of us could have imagined. Stay strong in faith and love. I love you both very much.

  5. This IS exciting. Way to go Cale, you're doing great!!

  6. Go, Cale, Go....We are praying for you in Heppner.

  7. I received this in an e-mail today and thought of you. We all to need to remember that we have an angel. In good times and not so good times.

    The Pink Dress
    There was this little girl sitting by herself in the park.
    Everyone passed by her and never stopped to see why she looked so sad.
    Dressed in a worn pink dress, barefoot and dirty, the girl just sat And watched the people go by.
    She never tried to speak.
    She never said a word.
    Many people passed by her, but no one would stop.
    The next day I decided to go back to the park in curiosity to see If the little girl would still be there.
    Yes, she was there, right in the very spot where she was Yesterday, and still with the same sad look in her eyes
    Today I was to make my own move and walk over to the little girl.
    For as we all know, a park full of strange people is not a place for young children to play alone.
    As I got closer I could see the back of the little girl's dress.
    It was misshaped.
    I figured that was the reason people just passed by and made no Effort to speak to her.

    As I got closer, the little girl lowered her eyes slightly to Avoid my intent stare.
    As I approached her, I could see the shape of her back more clearly.

    I smiled to let her know it was OK; I was there to help, to talk.
    I sat down beside her and opened with a simple, 'Hello'
    The little girl acted shocked, and stammered a 'hi '; after a long stare into my eyes.
    I smiled and she shyly smiled back.
    We talked until darkness fell and the park was completely empty.
    I asked the girl why she was so sad..
    The little girl looked at me with a sad face said, 'Because, I'm Different.'
    I immediately said, 'That you are!'; and smiled.
    The little girl acted even sadder and said, 'I know.'
    'Little girl,' I said, 'you remind me of an angel, sweet and innocent.'
    She looked at me and smiled, then slowly she got to her feet and Said, 'Really?'
    'Yes, you're like a little Guardian Angel sent to watch over all the people walking by.'
    She nodded her head yes, and smiled.
    With that she opened the back of her pink dress and allowed her Wings to spread, then she said 'I am.'
    'I'm your Guardian Angel,' with a twinkle in her eye.
    I was speechless -- sure I was seeing things.
    She said, 'For once you thought of someone other than yourself.
    My job here is done'..
    I got to my feet and said, 'Wait, why did no one stop to help an Angel?'
    She looked at me, smiled, and said, 'You're the only one that could see me,' and then she was gone.
    And with that, my life was changed dramatically.
    So, when you think you're all you have, remember, your angel is Always watching over you.

  8. Wow! It doesn't matter that his sitting up is 'expected" he's doing it! Praying for you both and thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated!

    Julie B


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