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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update - Kathleen

So...Cale did 4 1/2 hours capped today!!! He's cool :) Hehe! The Doctor said hopefully by middle of next week, he'll be trachless! His heart rate was staying between 85-105 compared to yesterday when he was capped his heart rate was hanging around 120 for most of the time. Getting that thing out of his throat is a big step! I like big steps! Well, I like small ones too!

On Cale's first night at WakeMed, they asked that I bring in some larger sized clothes for Cale, so I got him a few sweats and shirts. One of the shirts was a Mt Dew shirt! Before we left the store, Joe found one in my size!


  1. I'm sitting here praying for Cale & for you & now I am in tears. Just the thought of what God is continuing to do for Cale in this healing process, is still very overwhelming. I love you both very much & I'm here if you need me.

  2. Awesome baby girl. He continues to make so many strides. I know you said last night it has been 7 weeks but look how far he has come in those 7 weeks. He has been telling you he wants that trach out. He is telling you he will be waking up soon too. Love the pic too. He is looking so good.
    Love you and praying every day.
    Love you so much,
    Jean and Charlie

  3. thats awsome kat.cel and i are excited.wheres luckys dew shirt.wait i think he has :)

  4. Love the shirts! That is great news about the trach! I have seen first hand how much he hates that thing!!! Tell Cale to keep up the good work!! Love ya!

  5. Kathleen and Cale, I love the shirts. Reminds me of Cale that summer when we went camping and he had to have his DEW!! I'm so excited about the trach thing. God is good. Praying for him.

    The Hoppels

  6. Love the matching Tee's...Continued blessings to you both!!

    Sabrina Jones

  7. Kathleen, wanted to share this inspirational story with you from one of my co-workers. They have all been very supportive for me here.
    Love you both-Kathy, Mom

    Dearest Kathy~
    First of all let me tell you that you and your family has been in my prayers. I wanted to share with you something like this happened to near and dear to my heart just 3 years ago.

    My very precious friend Mike was in a hit and run motorcycle accident and wasn't expected to live. He had so much swelling on his brain (yes he was wearing a helmet) that they had to remove part of brain and put in a shunt. Mike was in a coma for 3 very long months.

    When he came out of coma he had trouble speaking. first in part to the trach and once removed, due to stuttering and such. He had difficulty with short term memory, but all in all seemed in great spirits.

    Each month was a new adventure. He had to re-learn a lot of things. Cooking, writing, driving etc....,but after 18 months of extreme work he is now back to 100% which is a miracle and a blessing. I just want you to hang onto hope during each phase you will all travel along. Hang in there and know that there are so many praying for a full recovery for your precious son and uplifting his wife as she will have some very hard days ahead.

    PBX Operator
    South Coast Orthopaedic Associates
    2699 N. 17th St.
    Coos Bay Oregon, 97420


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