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Friday, April 2, 2010

Update - Joe

Cale had the cap in his trach for about 6 hours today. With it in he has been making grunts and other noises as he gets frustrated. The Doctor said yesterday that by the middle of next week he should be able to have it taken out. The sooner the better as he is starting to become more aware. While Kathleen and I were in his room, the Therapists took the brace off of his left arm as long as we kept him from messing with his trach. His movements were very purposeful instead of just reflex. The prayer chain has been very cool to see come together. We have been adding links daily and it is continuously moving further around his room as we keep getting emails. If you haven't yet, email your name and location to


  1. So what a super hero he is. He went from 2 1/2 hours to 6 in a matter of days. That is just so cool. And we love the picture of the prayer chain. Pretty soon you will have to double that up and make it go two or three times around his room. Think how colorful it will be on the room and how much he will have to read when he wakes up. Sounding like that will be soon. Prayers that he remains strong... and stubborn... and wakes soon.
    We love you,
    Charlie and Jean

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!! Go Cale!!!


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