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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update - Kathleen

I'm sitting here with Cale right now listening to music. He seems to like it. I know he loves music, and he said while he was deployed, listening to music always helped him.

He wore the valve for about 3 1/2 hours today. His heart rate shot up and was staying between 122-128. He might be feeling more tired today so we'll try again tomorrow. Every time he's capped it's huge, even if it's only 10 minutes, it's a step.

I've been struggling today about where my focus is. It's Easter weekend, but for me, all the days run together and it's hard to separate any day being different then the other. The only part of seeing anything that says "it's Easter time" is seeing all the chocolate when I go to the store. As I was getting ready this morning I had to take extra thought about what this weekend really means and put my focus on Christ instead of on me and Cale.

The nurse said today that they've never had a patient with TBI that has had the strength that Cale has. He may be way under weight but he's got muscles! :)


  1. LORI; NEW LIFE4/3/10, 7:04 PM


  2. My darling Darling girl,
    Every step forward no matter no small is a step. Of course he is strong he is married to you. I would expect no less. I am always so amazed by you. Resurrection less than our Saviour came out of the grave to give us the hope of eternal life. He will always give us the hope Kathleen and you are doing so well.
    "See the sparrow, how it toils not" Remember He sees our every need and He is our souls sufficiency.
    Happy Resurrection Day my sweet. We pray your sleeping prince wakes soon.
    Love in Jesus.
    Charlie and Jean

  3. Darrel Dawson4/4/10, 10:32 AM

    Hay this is Darrel Dawson.Just want to say HAPPY EASTER.Iv been looking at the update's every morning.My boy would love it if he heard some Dr.Demeto.That's are favorite.Hang in there chick.Your doing a great job.God bless.

  4. HAPPY EASTER to you, my friend!
    I am continually impressed with your strenght!
    This time next year many questions will be answered, and dreams fulfilled.
    Remember to take some time for yourself everyday. Do something to escape, whether it is reading a book, or just simply watching tv.
    (I know you LOVE the food network!) : D
    Know that we are all here with you.
    All my love,
    Lorri Cyphers

  5. Happy Easter Cale and Kathleen :)

  6. Hey kids, Happy Ressurection day. Cale is doing well and strong isn't the word for it. I saw him fighting with those nurses! LOL I love the prayer chain. I love you too. Hang in there every day is a new day and His mercies are new EVERY morning.



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