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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Busy day today! It's getting late and I'm tired, so I won't be able to get all my thoughts out tonight but I'll try to get the important stuff :)

I got results from the x-rays. I don't really understand what the nurse was saying, so after I talk to the doctor on Monday, hopefully, I'll be able to understand and explain better. Quote from the nurse "Honey, your husband was banged up bad." Good thing I serve a God that loves my banged up husband! :)

As far as the infection...they did three tests and they all came back negative but it turns out that they have to do one test a week for three weeks and they all have to be negative. We will hopefully have the end results around the 20th. I think it's crazy that it's already the 10th!

I want to end tonight with saying thank you. I feel so incredibly blessed. Just since my really hard day on Thursday, there has been people calling and coming to visit at the hospital that I've never met and that's how it's been all along. There are so many people praying for Cale and giving such encouragement to me through all of this. Thank you so much. Just the fact that for the first 7 weeks I was never alone shows how many special people are in our lives. I'm reminded everyday when I look around his room and see the prayer chain!

Good night!


  1. We are the ones who are incredibly blessed to know you and to love you and to have the privilege of praying for the both of you. You give us all strength and hope and courage to face our own darkest days, and to do it with a smile and with faith. Thank you and we love you so much,
    Charlie and Jean

  2. amen Charlie and Jean, this is a precious and very courageous couple, who love God with all their hearts and the strength they have in HIm is an inspiration. Kathleen, we love you and are praying for you. love you very much


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