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Friday, April 9, 2010

Update - Kathleen

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!!!! God has smothered me in hugs and kisses today! Today, has been amazing! Oh my goodness! :)!!!!

So...after being here for a couple hours I find out that 2 of the 3 tests for the infection came back negative and we're waiting on the last test results. So far so good with that! Just the fact that the first two are negative is huge!

Next, I found out that Cale was capped for 12 hours yesterday! Woohoo! They wanted to try overnight but the doctor said we'll wait for Monday for that. 12 hours! Oh my goodness! Cale is doing so great with it. I'm so proud of him!

Also, yesterday when the Speech Therapist came in, Cale didn't react at all with the ice chips or smelly stuff. I was trying not to get discouraged because some days are going to be better then others. This morning he was making funny faces and turning his head away! He was reacting so much! Still no sound, but that will come!

Still not done...PT and OT came in and sat Cale up on the side of the bed. They do this almost everyday to stretch him and see if he can hold his head up. He never does, he just gets mad at them holding his head. Well, today, CALE HELD HIS HEAD UP!!! He did it for 15 minutes straight! I'm estimating on the time...I think about that though! It was SOOOOO happy! He just held it up without being asked. They sat him up and he lifted his head and held it up like he's been doing it all along! I'm so stinking proud of him! He moved it a little and opened his right eye. It was so great! After he started to get really tired they put him in his chair and he kept holding his head up! I can still so clearly picture the first time in ICU, when they sat him up and his body was so weak and limp. Today, it was amazing.

What a day! :) Here's a picture of him holding that head. This was once he had started getting tired. I had forgotten about my camera and anything else around me once I saw his head up but I at least remembered in enough time to get a shot! :)


  1. Caitlin Downs4/9/10, 11:30 AM

    That is so exciting!!! I'm so happy for you!! I keep praying for you and I know how hard this has all been, but days like this definitely help with keeping a positive attitude. God is with you two, and He's doing rather fine work. =]

  2. im so excited tooo. wait upon the Lord, thats what im learning, cale has come sooo far. im so happy for you. i cant even imagine how excited you must feel love and prayers always jurita

  3. Weeping tears of joy for you. I am so excited for you. He is doing better and better every day. Our God is so faithful to hear our every prayer and just like I said He hears our every need..He is our souls sufficiency. Oh my goodness keep up the good work Cale....
    Love and prayers and kisses and hugs.
    Jean and Charlie

  4. im so glad to hear that

  5. Goes to show...
    dark before the dawn. Rough day yesterday, and then look at today!
    PRAISE to God! Such glorious news!

    Hang in there, and be ready for him to say, "I thought we were going to Washington!"

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    Love you guys,
    Charlie Benson

  6. Looking good Cale!!!!!! Keep fighting & all will be well. My love to you both.

  7. That's our boy Kathleen. Good job Cale, you always were a very determined and strong person. This just goes to prove. So proud at how far you have come. My heart and thoughts are always with you. Love Mom-Kathy

  8. Brandi Watson4/9/10, 4:51 PM

    WOOHOO!! GO CALE!! We're rooting for you! God is far from being done with you yet - you're an inspiration to all of us! =D

  9. Rejoicing with you! Praise the Lord for His healing mercies!

    Amy Wells

  10. That's all so awesome Kathleen:):)

  11. What an amazing day! I will pray twice as hard for God to heal Cale and for Him to be with you always!!! How exciting!
    Good news ;)

  12. Kathleen....Your face says it all. Your face is bright and happy....prob the biggest smile that I have seen yet. You can tell your really proud of him....Praise God for all the progress Cale has made...lots more to come! We will continue to pray for all of you:)-----Andrea

  13. I know part of the reason he is fighting is because he has his beautiful godly wife next to him. What an amazing love.

  14. How WONDERFUL!!!

    All our prayers are being answered! : D
    GOOD to see you looking so happy, Kathleen!

    All my LOVE,
    Lorri Cyphers


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