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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update - Kathleen

When I got to the hospital this morning the nurse had interesting stories to tell me about Cale. Since the trach is out, they've been trying to leave him unmitted as much as possible but as I wrote before, he gets into so much trouble! Well, he did last night! He pulled out the tube that inserts into his feeding tube, while he was being fed, so all of his meal was all over the bed! He made a really big mess! He also decided he didn't like the bandage that was covering his trach site! I did get to see the area this morning while kit was off and it's already healed! The body is such an amazing thing! It's just scabbed so they keep a gauze with Vaseline over it to keep the area moist. In a few days that will be off and hopefully he'll be a little more restful :)

He was supposed to get an MRI done on his nose yesterday but when I left today it still wasn't done. They found out after the accident that he has a mass in his nose, this explains lots of problems he has had with his nose! They also want to check the facial fractures and see how they're healing.

Exciting thing! When PT and OT were in this morning, again everyday they sit him on the side of the bed, and try to get him to hold his head up and balance himself. When they let go of him, they want there to be some sign that he's trying to hold himself up, today, he did it! They always put his hand on the railing to start and he takes it off. When he does this he starts to tip...
Here's a 15sec video to show you!

Also! Today is 9 weeks since the accident and a perfect day to get a puppy! Yes! I got one :) He's crazy adorable! He's a boxer and 5 months old. He's already kennel trained, which is so nice! We went on a nice walk this afternoon, and an interesting run this evening. He's a character! Haha! I named him Basil. I think Cale is going to shake his head at me when he wakes up and hears what I've named out first dog :) I think Basil and I are going to become dear friends.
Here's us!


  1. you the man cale!!!!!! great news sis. love you both

  2. OMG this is so awesome. I love seeing so many improvements. Kathleen I know that 9 weeks seems like a long time but if you look at how far he has come in that 9 weeks I am so excited to see his progress. Your faith and our prayers.Oh my gosh when he opens up them eyes he is going to be so proud. He looks better and better every day.I can
    t wait for him to wake up and see that Basil. He is so stinkin adorable. He fits you so perfectly.
    Love you darling Darling
    Jean and Charlie

  3. Amazing. Puts a smile on my face just thinking about how far he has come! So proud! Another victory. Can't wait to meet my "nephew" :p
    Love you!

  4. I see he is getting back to his rambunctious self. OMG that video is so awesome!!! Tears of joy in my eyes watching it. I am so happy you have a companion to keep you company while waiting for Cale and good therapy for his recovery too. love you both so much. Kathy-Mom

  5. Wow awesome video!!! Super cute puppy too :-) Love ya! -Mellie

  6. That video was just can really see that he is trying! Praise God!!! Very cute puppy, you need a good companion right now and I love the name Basil...very unique!!! We are still praying for more exciting things to happen for you all. Andrea

  7. This blog was forwarded from a friend that is stationed at Fort Drum with her husband. I just read through it and God bless you for everything both of you are going through. Please know that I am praying for you, your husband, and you're family. Danielle

  8. How awesome, he grabbed it not once but twice!!! He's coming, he's coming!! I'm so excited to see that. AND, Kathleen, you are right, Cale is going to love the puppy's name. LOL I can just see his reaction. Basil and you will have lots of sweet, crazy times together. It's so cool how God knew you would need him and had someone else prepare him just for the right timing. We serve a VERY GOOD God. Love & hugs, Julie

  9. LORI/ NEW LIFE4/15/10, 10:36 AM

    LOVE THE VIDEO!!! And Basil too :) Keep up the good work Cale!

  10. Kathy Beckett4/15/10, 12:07 PM

    Kathleen, What a great exciting for you to witness that amazing development! I enjoyed lunch so much today and am looking forward to our next one. Thank you for sharing...your trust in and devotion to God is very encouraging to me. See you soon. Kathy B.

  11. thats an awsome video.celeste asks me everyday did he wake up.she keps telling me when he wakes up hes coming to visit

  12. How encouraging is this!!!! Our God is so great. Darling Keep Up The Good Work. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful God that cares and heals his faithful.
    Sgt. Lee


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