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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update - Kathleen

They still weren't able to do the MRI last night. They had given Cale the medication to help keep him calm and it didn't work! He kept moving and they said when they strapped him to the bed he got even more agitated. They ended up doing another CT scan but this time they used contrast so hopefully that will work.

He started making more noises today! It was more then a grunt here and there. I really felt like he was going to say something! I think I keep feeling like that, but that's ok :) One day it will happen! The noises are becoming longer and more frequent now, but so far he only makes them when he's getting worked up.

PT and OT put him on the tilt table again today. I think this time they did it higher then I've seen before. He seemed to do fine with being up, but again he hates being strapped so he gets so worked up. He kept trying to get out of it. We're still waiting to hear if he's able to put weight on his left leg yet.

I have lots of thoughts and things to say but those are just going to have to wait :) I would like prayer for sleep. I haven't been sleeping again...this is an on and off struggle. I just feel so tired but all night I'm on overload with all these thoughts that just don't like to go away. I'm still functioning and I know it will pass just like a couple weeks ago when I couldn't sleep, it's just frustrating.

Here's Cale! One day he'll be standing on his own!


  1. Praying for not only sleep darling but rest for you. And that that handsome husband of yours will be walking and talking soon. We love you and are praying for you.
    Dear Jesus I just pray a rest over my friends body tonight. Give her peace over her mind so that she can sleep the sleep of the angels that she is and dream dreams of her happy future that you have planned out for her. Thank you Lord for all your miracles in Cales body and all your miracles to come.
    In Jesus name,

  2. I honestly, couldn't imagine enduring the trial that you're living right now. I pray for you, Cale, and all your loved ones every day.. You make me stronger every day! When I think I'm having a 'bad' day, I keep up with your blog and realize How Blessed I am to have God in my life! Thank you for the encouragement and strength you have to continue on with nothing but faith, hope, and determination! YOU, truly help me live my life! You are amazing people, and I'm so grateful for having connection with you.. God Bless!!
    p.s. I struggle with a past and I have started to meditate on my most favorite verse again.. 23rd Psalm! I love it! Prayers are with you along with Praise of Joy!!


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