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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm Addicted!

Another good Saturday! Ty and Nikki came to visit and Ty played ball with him. All this new stuff is addicting! Especially the kisses! :)

Thank you everyone for ALL the encouragement and prayers!


  1. How wonderful it is to be loved by such a handsome kissing ball player! I can detect a wonderful shysmile come over Cale's lips as you are hugging...oh how sweet it is, the taste of loves first kiss....
    You are always in my best thoughts, Karla

  2. I think I saw a smirk on that guys lips on that picture you posted on FB yesterday.. OM gosh is he starting to get addicted to those kisses too? Hmm seems he is. Love, love , love it. Can't wait for more news.
    Love you darling Darling girl.
    Jean and Charlie


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