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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Time for Rest

After a week of conquering big heaps and hurtles, I think Cale is tired. He hasn't been doing much today and hasn't been as responsive. He did wave again today, but for the most part he's just really calm. It's not a bad thing because he needs rest, but like I said Saturday, I'm addicted to all the new things he's doing! I can't get enough! More days like that will come.

My computer died on me Friday evening, which has made life a little interesting. Funny, how my little world right now runs with the help of the computer. I have Cale's laptop now, but I think it took a hit from the accident too, so it's a little slow going. I got on last night to update the blog and it wouldn't load anything. Right now we're good to go though :)

I have lots of papers that I need to get filled out, I've been apartment hunting, and with my computer dead, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed again. It's not a big deal, it just feels like there's lots I have to figure out and get done again. It always seems to be that way when I'm running on not enough sleep.

I've been day dreaming a lot lately about what life could be like after all of this. I'm of course thinking about Cale being healed and us having a family. I went to a museum for kids on Saturday with Ty, Nikki, and the boys. They had a section that had different ways to be active, and part of it was a mini ice hockey rink. Cale loves hockey and always talked about when we have kids, how much fun he was going to have teaching them to skate. I let my mind wander to the excitement of still getting to do that one day. The kisses he gives now springs up so much hope that maybe, just maybe, we'll still get to do that.

It's been a weird day here at the hospital. Usually Monday mornings the parking lot is full and it's loud with people everywhere. Getting report was moved to tomorrow also. I was sitting here looking at some of the pictures from Cale in Afghanistan last year. I missed him so much but how great it was to know that my husband was serving God by serving his country. Thank you again to everyone who is serving now, all that served in the past, and to all the families for the huge sacrifice you face over and over!


  1. Thanks to you both, Cale and Kathleen, for serving God and Country!

    Sarah Bosse

  2. I always catch myself thinking about you both whenever I play this song ... it says .. " You're the comforter to the lonely, the lifter of my head... we cry Glory to the King" ... A song by Darlene Zschech - Glory to the King ... if you can ... please listen to it ... I'm a friend of Carlos on FB and have been following Cale's recovery. Love y'all loads ...♥

    Ada Chi :)


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