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Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh the Possibilities!

Well...we might be on the edge of some maybe exciting things! This morning when I went to see Cale, the first thing I noticed was how great his eye looked today. He's had a yucky infection, almost from the beginning I think. He always has gunk around it and his left eye is always red. A specialist came in to check it out yesterday because even with all of the different antibiotics, nothing has worked. Whatever drops he switched to cleared it up so fast!

Cale seemed a lot calmer this morning. When PT and OT came in, they sat him on the side of the bed again to see if he would do as good as the other day. He did great and this time had way better posture! Then the Speech Therapist came in and she noticed Cale was a lot calmer. Now, everyday when she goes to do mouth care, he'll open his mouth for her but he'll also turn his head and push her away. Today, he opened and let her! He kept his head towards her and his hands down. After she did the bottom, we both looked at each other thinking "did that just happen?". She rinsed the tooth brush and then had to do it again on the top teeth, and again, he let her! then she did the ice chips, which usually if he allows her to get any in, he spits them right back out. Today he opened and she put them in...then they stayed in! He didn't swallow or chew (two goals with the trials) but he at least kept the ice in! At this point I was wondering if his meds were changed or something because he was acting so different. The nurse looked it up for me and nope! No med changes. Also, she said the night nurse said there were two different times last night that she felt like he was responding.

I didn't get to hear both stories but the nurse said that when she put his leg braces on him, she said "If I hear any velcro I'm going to put the restraints on you." then she walked by the door and waited and she heard the velcro so she went back to Cale and said "I said if I hear the velcro I have to put the restraints on you. I'll give you one more chance and if I hear it, I'm putting the restraints on." she said after she said that, Cale put his hands behind his head and got comfortable. Interesting...

There's a line in a song I was listening to today that really encouraged me with the Lord... "I get to love You through whatever comes what a privilege" -wow!


  1. He's on his way back to you! :) Thank you Lord for all your doing in Cale and Kathleen's life! God is sooooooooo Good!!
    love you!

  2. You both look wonderful!! :D Sarah

  3. Dear Kathleen,
    Soooooooooooooooo great to see you smiling! So happy to read of Caleb's progress! : D
    All my love,
    Lorri C.

  4. How wonderful Cale looks now.
    Kathleen, I want to share something with you. I have a prayer box that I write down each prayer and problem I have and put in the box. Now that is God's box and once the prayer goes in, it is not taken out until He answers it. In my own way, I am turning my problems over to him. I have my prayer for you and Cale in that box and I know that God is taking care of it for me. When that prayer is answered, I take it out of the box and tear it up and throw it away.

    A friend told me about this, sometimes you can turn things over to the Lord but you can't let it go. This way, once it is in the box and turned over to God, it can't be retrieved.

    It has given me peice of mind through the years.
    Keep being there for Cale, he knows you are there and soon he will be able to tell you and show you.
    Love in Christ
    Karen N. from Texas

  5. Oh my friend how excited I am for you. I can't wait. This is so so good. I know that the Lord is good and faithful and it is through this things He is telling you- I see you, I see you my beloved and I am honoring you. YAY!
    Love you,
    Jean and Charlie

  6. Kathleen, I praise the Lord with you. He is an awsome God, and your faith is a wonderful thing to see. I know God will continue to bless you both in his time and his way. I love the photo of you both. Much love and hugs to you. Carole White


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