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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Wave Hello :)

It was a good day and lots happened, but suddenly my brain is dead… think, think, think! I got a video of Cale today showing him wave! I had my cell phone out and wanted to get a video to send to his mom and while I was videoing Cale, I asked him to wave to his mom and say good morning. It was so great! Here's the video, you can hear how surprised I am. I had to watch the video a couple times! The magazine that you can see in the video is a free thing I picked up at the Verizon store. I gave it to Cale to see what he would do with it since I didn't care if it got ripped. He flipped through it a few times!

Ty and Nikki came to visit. Cale tried to take Ty’s wedding ring off too! :) He’s so funny! We got to visit for a while and Cale showed some of the things he can do. After visiting with Cale, we went to Raleigh for a festival. The boys rode some rides and we all fed/petted some animals. Right before we were about to leave it started to rain. At first I felt a drop and then a couple more drops…and then it began to pour. I had parked pretty far away, so by the time I got to my car, I was completely soaked! So fun!

It’s getting to the point again that I don’t want to be away from the hospital at all. I almost didn’t go today but I’m glad I did. Cale just keeps doing so much and when I’m there and can encourage him I see him do even more. It’s exciting. I just watched a couple older videos just from a few weeks ago, but already he’s come so much farther!

Thank you for praying!!!


  1. What a beautiful video!!!

  2. Kathleen!!
    I'm sorry I have not been or called recently. But, I have been praying. And, everyone's prayers are OBVIOUSLY working!! What a GREAT video!!!! What a difference from what I remember several weeks ago when I first met him. I pray that each week, even more of these things will happen.

  3. Hannah Hayner5/23/10, 6:42 PM

    wow that's sooooo exciting!!!! i loved the video!!! thanks for sharing it with us! ;)

  4. Alycia Gates5/24/10, 1:27 AM

    Kathleen, I often check the blog to see how Caleb is doing, but this is the first time I'm posting. You are such a strong woman! The love I see that you have for Caleb, even just through the pictures and posts, is a true gift; for both of you. I love seeing the progress he is making. My husband and I think of you both often. Please know that your Army family is with you in prayer! :)

  5. That was such a wave, way to go Cale.


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