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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Phone Call

Thank you everyone for praying for me! I think it was just allergys. It really took me down, and I agree with one of the comments from yesterday about my body saying slow down. Life here is a constant. I haven't taken much time to just relax and not do anything. I was still able to spend the morning with Cale yesterday, and then just slept. This morning I woke up, and felt SO much better!

This morning started off with a nice surprise! Cale seemed more awake when I got to the hospital, which is always a good thing :) I grabbed my phone to see what he would do with it. I showed him where it goes and asked if he would put it to his ear...and he did! It took a tiny bit, but he did it! Then I called mama and had her talk and again he put it to his ear! Yay Cale! It was so exciting! When Ty and Nikki came I had him do it again and he did! He's a superstar! :) Soon he'll be talking too!

Days like today make yucky days like yesterday seem like not a big deal :)


  1. I love you both Kathleen! I am glad today was a good day! See you guys tomorrow.

  2. aww this is to cute. Mom called to tell me.We both agree this will probably the only time Cale will listen to his mother-in law. Hahahahaha!!!
    big Sis Carla

  3. Awesome, such a great picture. He is definately coming along!!! Can't wait till he's talking, too!! Julie H.

  4. I am so stoked. This is an awesome picture. I can't wait to hear that he is saying your precious name. This is so wonderful. We love you and are praying everyday and believing for miracles and know how victorious you are in Him.
    Love ya,
    Jean and Charlie

  5. Tell him to call us too!!! JK...Glad you are feeling better and could leap for joy Cale is progressing so well too. God is wonderful!
    We will praise him in good and bad times!
    love you lots

  6. Amazing just amazing! Before long he will be talking everyones ears off!!

    Casey (mike's aunt)


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