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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are You For Real?!

WOW!! I don't think that even says me just say PRAISE GOD! It was another eventful day! My head is swimming with excitement and hope! This is going to be another long post...

First, Rachel is here! It's so wonderful to have her back with me! She was here 3 days after the accident for a week and then again in March for a week, when Cale was in the step down unit. He's come so far since then!

This morning PT and OT got Cale out of bed again. Everyday he's getting a little better at helping get himself ready for the day. Some days he has more control of his right arm, and other days, it seems to have a mind of it's own :) During the second session Cale walked again with out the brace. He struggled a little more with it today, but still did it!

For speech therapy today, Cale didn't seem to be in the mood. He didn't want the ice, she tried a little water and he didn't want that either. She thought maybe it would be good to try pudding again, but he didn't want the spoon or anything else near his mouth. He did draw a couple circles, and seemed to really like making X's. I think overall, he just wasn't as responsive for that part of the day.

A VERY exciting part of the day, Cale spent some time meeting Basil again :) It was so much fun! The last time Basil went to the hospital, it was right after I had gotten him, which was middle of April. At that time, Cale didn't really seem to understand what Basil was, and he didn't seem to show any interest in him. This time, when he saw Basil, he reached out right away to pet him! Cale ended up holding the leash most of the time, and when someone would walk by, Cale would even tighten the leash. I asked Cale at one point if he liked Basil and if I had done a good job getting him, and Cale nodded "yes". Yay! He also was tapping his leg at one point to get Basil's attention, but Basil didn't notice at all, so I told Cale to snap his fingers (while I did it) and Cale immediately started to snap his fingers!

Another really cool thing that happened after I had already posted the blog yesterday, right before I leave every day I try to pray with Cale. Whenever I ask him to pray with me, I first ask to hold his hand and for the last couple nights, he has been reaching to hold mine. This time when I started to pray, I opened my eyes and Cale had his closed! When I said "amen", Cale opened his eyes! He prayed with me! I realize that just because he closed his eyes this time, doesn't mean that all the other times he wasn't praying with me, it was just great to have him join me in that way.

I had my meeting with the Nurse Case Manager from Ft. Bragg today. I haven't written too much about what's been going on, as far as next steps, just because there is so much up in the air! After the meeting I do feel a lot more encouraged, and as of right now, I will ask that you pray with me for wisdom for decisions that I'm going to be making, and peace and direction as we find the next facility for Cale. So far, I don't feel worried or stressed about it at all, so let's keep it that way! :) When I was introducing the Nurse Case Manager to Cale, I asked if he could show her how he's been counting. I said "Can you show her 4?" I was expecting him to tap 4 times, as he has been doing. Instead Cale lifted his hand and counted with his fingers! He also used his right hand to do 6 and above! WOW! It wasn't what I was planning on showing them, it was even better!

Overall, Cale is understanding A LOT. I would say for most of the day, he was able to respond with a nod for yes and no, and he's just more aware and engaged in what was going on around him. At one point, I was laying in bed with him listening to music; he had the ear piece in his left ear and I had it in my right. While the nurse was in the room, he took the ear piece out and the nurse said "Well Cale, since your left ear has been bothering you, why don't you put the ear piece in your right ear?". Cale reached up and put it in his right ear! She didn't say it slow, or make sure he was looking at her, she just said it and he understood.

Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God's Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don't know how or what to pray, it doesn't matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. Romans 8:26-28 (the Message)


  1. Wow! How encouraging! Amanda and I read the blog together EVERY tonight. God is at work and doing mighty things in Cale's body!

    -Clay and Amanda

  2. That's great! I love these pictures - they really show how Cale is interacting with other people and Basil. So wonderful! I find myself checking your blog about 3 times a day. What a blessing to read about how you are both walking through this by faith and not by sight. Hugs to you both!!


  3. Such exciting progress! Our family, too, continues to read the blog daily and to lift you both up in our family prayers at night. He keeps His shield about you!

    Bonnie, Ryan, Grace and Isaac Bennett

  4. Praise God! How exciting to read about all that the Lord is continuing to do for Cale. I am so happy to hear about all that you are able to share and experience with him too, Kathleen...God is good!

    Abby Littlefield


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