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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Doing The Dew :)

Today Cale and I were wearing our matching Mountain Dew shirts. We haven't worn them together since the very first time which was April 1st. I always love to look back at pictures, and see how far Cale has come. Here's a look back for you too :)

Here's April 1, 2010

Here's July 24, 2010

It's Saturday, but even on the weekend Cale will be a busy boy. He's going to be getting therapies 7 days a week. Speech therapy was this morning. She asked him a total of 40 questions, trying to evaluate his head nods some more. Out of the first 20, he missed 3, but two were kind of confusing questions. The next 20 were more difficult, and he struggled a lot more...the fact he's answering any questions is already HUGE! :)

For OT (Occupational Therapy), they did a few more things to evaluate where he's at. One of the things they tried was a board that Cale had to match the shapes, if the piece didn't fit, he would turn them and move them around until he got all of them in the right place. He gets so excited when he's in therapy! I can see it on his face; determination, excitement, focus, and enjoyment.

Lots more walking for PT (Physical Therapy). He's getting better every time. First, he walked from his room to the gym. The gym is set up with tons of different machines and weights. Today Cale was on machine that was like a bike. Pat started with having Cale do 5 minutes on it, but Cale ended up doing 15! He was loving it! His muscles were shaking by the end of it, but he still walked all the way back to his room. He's doing so good!

It's so great to have Dennis and Kathy here. Family is so important for Cale's recovery. I can tell he loves having his mom here with him and how good it is. Tomorrow is their last day here and then they head back home early Monday morning. This is going to be really hard for Kathy so will you join me again for praying for her? Also for Cale, I see him look for her, and hug her. He knows it's his mom, and who doesn't want their mom when they aren't feeling good?


  1. Awesome!!!!! I forgot you were on west coast time now, and kept looking for your update :) It is so very exciting to see each leap Cale takes!!!! I am praying for you guys and all of the family, especially Kathy... I am not a parent, but this must be super hard for her, and to be away from him too! I am super excited that Cale didn't regress with the move, and seems instead to be thriving! Blessings to you all!
    ~ Heather

  2. The Lord just moved me this morning as I read this post. So often it seems like God is not at work with all that is going "wrong" in this world. But I too stopped and thought back to where Cale had been and where he is now, and tears came to my eyes. God is indeed GOOD!!!! Keep pressing on and encouraging Cale. We love you guys. Ya'll are STILL a daily part of our lives as we read the blog and pray for you and Cale!!!

    Clay and Amanda


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