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Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Tough Cookie

Cale and I were officially titled Mr. and Mrs. Tough Cookie today. My reply, "Well, I like to eat cookies!" :)

Cale started this morning with an eye appointment. It was hard to figure out how clear his sight is because right now, he's having trouble recognizing letters, and he he's not talking. The doctor did hold up fingers from the same distance as the chart and Cale was able to copy whatever he was doing. The whole visit Cale would only have his left eye (the one they said he would have NO vision out of) open, so we weren't able to figure out how well he's seeing with his right eye. For most of the day after the appointment he kept both eyes wide open though! It's great to see how they are so on top of things like that. The doctor said at Cale's appointment next week, they want to do some scans and tests to see if there is any damage that needs to be corrected.

It was another day of walking! Cale tried out three different ways, and by the end of it he was tuckered out. We're all really seeing him push himself because after he had already done quite a bit, and it was obvious he was tired, Pat asked if he wanted to keep going and Cale nodded yes. He was tired the whole last lap, but he made it to the finish line!
First Pat wanted to try a divider because Cale has a tendency to cross his legs while walking...

Next was the Arjo. It's a nifty machine thing that had straps behind him if he needed to sit, but gave him a little more freedom...

The last trial was just Cale and Pat walking. It made me nervous when they first started because usually it's Susan and Carolyn together, but it just shows how far he's already come in less than a week!

His Speech session was pretty good today. Patricia (speech therapist), at this point is really trying to see where Cale's at as far as comprehending and figuring out how reliable his head nods are. Between today and yesterday, Cale and I have 3 kids, he's not in America and he's married to Linda. Of course after the session, I had to investigate who this Linda was...haha! Good thing he shrugged his shoulders! ;) After the session today was almost over, she explained two things he seems to be struggling with, apraxia (a disorder of motor planning) and perseveration (the repetition of a particular response). This gives you two more specific things to be praying for :)

During Cale's Speech session he smiled for the first time! I was in a meeting for the first part so I missed it, but Kathy had told me. Well, just a little later, he smiled at me! He's done it a couple times today. I just really love about making my heart smile!

This evening we had a couple special visitors. I had written about the EMT (Wendy) that I had talked to and her daughter (Susan) that had talked to Cale, well they came to visit for a little while! It was special for me to meet Susan because she is hope and encouragement. She's been where Cale is, and I would have never known just by meeting her. Such a blessing!

Even though it was a busy and draining day for Mr. Tough Cookie, he was so awake and full of energy! He was in the wheel chair around 8 hours! He only had short breaks out of it. Tonight, several times I kept asking if he wanted to lay back down and he kept shaking his head no. Finally it hit him and after transferring him to bed, and getting him situated, I prayed with him, and I think he was almost asleep before I was done, and it was a short prayer! :)

Psalm 86:12-13
From the bottom of my heart I thank you, dear Lord; I've never kept secret what you're up to. You've always been great toward me—what love! You snatched me from the brink of disaster!

I'm not only thankful for how far Cale has come and how great he's doing. If I would have lost him the night of the accident, God would still be great. If Cale would have had to go to the nursing home and stay that way for life, God would still be a great God. With all of me I am very thankful that it hasn't happened that way, but today I was focused on how thankful I am that my life has gone the way it has. The accident could have shattered my life. I could have turned my back on God, I could have let myself go, and walked away from my marriage. God rescued me because before my mother held me for the first time as an infant, God loved me and He's never stopped. He has shown me His faithful, unconditional, constant love for me over and over again, and He opened His arms that night and held me, even when my husband wasn't able to. Oh what love the Father has for His children!


  1. God is so good! I have been so blessed to hear all the exciting news and news of your arrival in California. We are continuing to pray for you both....God is amazing....cling to Jesus moment by moment he will continue to sustain and bless you both as you journey with Him.
    With Love, Kimberly

  2. Praise the Lord! Kathleen, you are SUCH an encouragement. Yes, God is a great God despite our circumstances! We will definitely be praying about the apraxia and perseveration. Thank you for letting God use you to be such a blessing. (I laughed out loud at Caleb's 'made up life'. Is he still trying to disrobe at odd moments?) :)

  3. This is such a blessing to see! I can't wait for Ty to see how hard his brother is fighting and how far he's come even just in the time since we saw you last! God is SO good! Love you and miss you bunches!


  4. Cale is doing so good, Sounds like he's getting excellent Care for his recovery!You Both are so special! Sincerely, Michele L. Siemasko

  5. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

    "....And if our God is with us, WHAT can stand against....."

    OUR GOD IS GREATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With MUCH thankfulness and continual blessings prayers sent to you both......
    Judy Jay (Dryden, N.Y.)

  6. C&K,
    Oh you just don't know how tickled I am to hear that Cale is smiling!!!! I've been praying specifically for that! And I really believed that he would soon (which is amazing because that's often one of the last things to return with TBI - facial expression). It's just one more reason for me to trust what God is doing even though I don't understand it. :)

    Love and Prayers!

    Sarah Bosse

  7. God Bless you always Kathleen for you are HIS shining light in the darkness for so many of us....
    Karla KBC<><

  8. So, so magnificent our God is! Kathleen, it is beautiful to see how well your husband is progressing, and awesome about that woman that you met who had been where Cale is! How amazing is the love of our Father! Praying for you and your super tough man! We love you!


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