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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I can't say that I woke up this morning, completely refreshed...more like very out of it, but I do feel WAY better today! Thank you everyone that was praying for me :)

Cale still doesn't feel very good. When I walked in this morning, I noticed right away that he seemed to be feeling better, but I thought that a few days ago too. He was stuffed up more today, so maybe the ugly bug is almost to the end of it's course. I do hope so!

There were some new cool things in therapy today! In OT, they've been working really hard to strengthen his right arm. It's very obvious that it takes a lot more work for Cale to use that arm, but he is able. One of the things they worked on today was using a peg board, and trying to get him to use the right hand to do the work. It's funny to watch because I think he was trying to trick us by pretending to use the right hand, like if he was going to pick a peg up, but really, right before he would get to it, he'd use his left hand. I know he'll get it eventually! :)

For RT, we went outside today. The weather was so nice and getting out of the room was even better! She worked with him to do a couple things, one of them was using his right hand to hold a foam paddle and try to hit the balloon. I was really impressed! He did really good, especially with the breeze that was trying to steal the balloon from the game! They also kicked around a soccer ball and did another puzzle.

After his lunch break/rest hour, it was time for PT. Today they had Cale in a new contraption...I had to leave for a meeting before it was all over, so I haven't heard the final report on how it went, but here's a picture so you can have more of an understanding of what I mean...haha!

Cale is doing great with his progress physically, but as far as cognitive, well, he's still struggling quite a bit. For Speech, Patricia asked some more "yes" and "no" questions. He's still having a hard time with getting the right answer. She also put two different objects on the table; like a spoon and a cup, and would ask him to show her the spoon. She tried several like that and he wasn't able to do much. Along with that, she would hand him a hair brush, and show him a picture of a brush and a pig, he also had a hard time matching the object with the picture. There was a few more things like that, and at this point, Cale is having a hard time with that part of it.

I think Wednesdays might be my new favorite day! At the hospital they have a Farmers Market, with booths, music, and...samples! :) It was so much fun! I didn't even go for long, but it was fun to get out and get some healthy fresh yumminess!

Tomorrow is the family meeting. This will end up being every other week and be like my meeting with Beth that I had every Monday at Wake. This time, it'll be me with the social worker, the doctor, therapists, kind of a little of anybody on the team that can be there. Tomorrow is the 'big deal' meeting where we'll go over everything that they've seen with Cale in the last week, and what they see happening during the program. I'm trying not to be nervous, but all the other meetings like this one that I've had so far, have been really hard, and I've heard a lot of things that I wished was so different. I was reading in 2 Kings today about how all the odds showed that Assyria was going to when the battle against Judah. There were many reports against Hezekiah and what God could do; saying that they were not going to be saved.Hezekiah receives a letter, in 19:11 "You know perfectly well what the kings of Assyria have done wherever they have gone. They have completely destroyed everyone who stood in their way! Why should you be any different?". The question "Why should you be any different?" stands out to my heart like a rock. Everything that talks about TBI, even the great recovery stories (almost all), show severe lasting life changes. After receiving the letter, Hezekiah prayed-that's what I've made this whole journey grounded on; time with the Lord. It's too much to write the whole story here (I encourage you to read it!), but I can often put myself in Hezekiah's place, and feel the weight of the facts and realities pull me one way and the hope of the Lord pull the other. I'm so thankful that just like Hezekiah I can call out to the same God, and ask for Him to save Cale from his (TBI) power and that the world will know that He alone is God. 19:19


  1. The weary warrior wakes more with each passing day...such a wonderous adventure begins.
    Day by day new improvements. We rejoice in them all with you both....
    Karla KBC <><

  2. I hurt for you my friend. Why should I be any different? And yet He is faithful to conquer. You have so many praying for you my darling. I can only hope that the sweet fragrance of our prayers will touch our Kings heart so that he heals our Cale good as new. In His own good time my sweet. In the meantime we sit at His feet and praise Him for all He has done and wait for more from Him and thank Him and know that He and only He is in control.
    We love you,
    Charlie and Jean
    P.S. Praying specifically for Cales cold and your meeting today.


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