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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


All last night, I was awake coughing and blowing my nose-NO! I will not be sick and have to stay away from Cale. Ugg. I think I've been kissing him too much while he has a cold ;)

There's signs everywhere throughout the hospital that say in big letters " STOP! If you have any of the following symptoms, DO NOT enter the hospital." Of course everything I was feeling just happened to be on the sign. I'm guilty of breaking the rules. I know why they have those rules, and I know it was kind of selfish of me, but I had to see I did. I stayed long enough to see all of his therapy's, then I forced myself to the store to get some much needed drugs, and I came home and slept...all day. When I get a cold, it seems to wipe me completely out, it's never just a simple cold. All my muscles ache, which I think is my excuse for not working out, after I'm done and my muscles get sore, I feel like I'm sick. Good reason.

The horrible part is I'm such a baby! Cale hasn't been feeling good for a couple days, and he's still pushing himself so much. He's just amazing. He wasn't able to do Speech today, and OT was a bit hard, but he's still trying. Pat walked him again in PT and Cale did the best he's done so far. He was still crossing his legs a little, but his legs are definitely getting stronger. For OT she had him do the arm thing, and again he did the best that he's done with that! It's so great! They did give him some kind of Sudafed-like drug today, hopefully that clears him up.

When I walked in this morning, Cale immediately reached out for me. When I came close, he pulled my head down to his chest-he wanted to cuddle. All I could think is "good job for breaking the rules!", bad I know. We didn't have long because he had to get up and going. The hour for lunch, is Cale's rest break right now, since he can't eat yet. The both of us, sick and miserable, were able to cuddle the full hour! It was soooo nice! It felt like we were at home cuddled up, instead of a hospital room, where he is still hooked up to a tube. God is so faithful in giving Cale and I those moments together. It's a lot busier here, and that time together isn't as often, but oh how I love when they come!

I ventured out in the Honda today. Thankfully, I have Amelia (my gps) to ride around with me. The problem was that I headed out with my destination, but my home button said it was over 2,000 miles away...hmm. I'm lost. It was one of those moments that I felt like I should be on TV. I did manage to find my way home though!

I am now going to hopefully get a deep wonderful night of sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the day!


  1. Ugh. Being sick STINKS. Sounds like all this traveling has taken it out of you both. I'm glad you broke the rules and went to cuddle with Cale. Sometimes (my theory, anyway) our physical health benefits from an emotional connection that you just can't get watching movies and drinking orange juice and Ny-Quil by yourself. :) Praying for you to feel better, and STAT. :)

  2. Praying with all my might for the both of you to feel better soon. But I was so excited to see that he reached out for you. How awesome must have that felt. Keep snuggling. Get better soon. Love you bunches....P.S> Sent you bunches of goodies you should have it by Friday or Saturday.
    Jean and Charlie


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