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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Mom's Battle

I got a call this morning, we are not flying out today. It looks like it's going to be tomorrow, but we'll see...again, I'm okay with it, and not stressed because everything is ready to go. I do want to ask if everyone will pray for Kathy (Cale's mom). Her and Dennis were planning on getting to see us Thursday and now everyday that we get delayed, it's less time that she gets with Cale. It's been since March that she's gotten to see her son and hug him. I know if you're a mother reading this, I'm sure you know how it must feel, during a time like this not to be with your matter how old they are! Kathy misses him so much. Pictures and videos only do so much to help the battle she faces not getting to be with him.

The plan as of this morning, we will be flying into Travis Air Force base tomorrow, staying two nights, and then taking a 3 hour ambulance ride to the new facility on Monday. They have a hospital on the base that they will check Cale into. We'll see how much changes before the day is over! ;)

Thank you for praying!


  1. All in Gods perfect timing right? I am so sure that you are sick of hearing "tomorrow" especially since you have shipped your car and said your good-byes. But maybe God knows why He wants you to sit and wait darling.
    I will say a huge prayer for Kathy and even after you leave we will keep Amy and Adam in our prayers.
    We love you so much. Can't wait to hear more.
    Jean and Charlie

  2. Tamara L. Host7/16/10, 4:51 PM

    I always get those shivers that run down my spine, feel the hairs stand on end on my arms, and can feel the tears of joy well up in my eyes when I read your posts...Even through your battles you are still a truly amazing inspiration to me...I wish you and Cale a safe and uneventful trip when you move on again...My prayers continue to be with you and your families...God truly is amazing with what he has done for Cale so far...Wishing you more happy days...

  3. As a mom/parent - I do know that pain. It is a Pain. An ache - that cannot be satisfied by anything else. Not to be able to hug your child and then not being able to hug your child tight enough to fix everything that is wrong. We all are sending our hugs and prayers to you. Cale and Kathleen are so strong. "With GOD all things are possible."


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