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Thursday, July 15, 2010

On Hold

I think we are going to be here another day. It was a pretty lazy day for Cale and I, but I know things were crazy for the staff here at Wake, and for everyone that has a part in this transport. Unless tomorrow morning we get a call that says we need to get ready, it's going to be Saturday. It's not stressful or anything for me, because everything is ready to go! :) It does get draining waiting for an update, but, God's timing is PERFECT!

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16

There are SO many things through this journey that I don't know or don't get. I don't understand all the medical stuff...hardly any of it. The words are big, and it's all just way over my head. I don't always know what questions I'm supposed to be asking, and I don't always know the correct way to be dealing with Cale right now. I definitely don't know what the future looks like (we never do!). I have no idea what this next step is going to be like, and I don't know that Cale will ever be able to talk to me again. I DO know that I can cling to the words that God has put together for me to read. His promises are true and constant. He will lead me when I can't see what's happening through all of this and He's going to do it His way, if I allow Him to in my life. I've never had to deal with anything like this, and it's way out of my league, but God's with me, holding me up. This isn't a "fun" time for Cale and I. It's pretty miserable, but God promises to turn the darkness into light. I believe He already has! He will NOT forsake us. I love this verse so much! It's another one of those verses that God gave me while I sat next to Cale in ICU. Amazing. His love is amazing.

Cale and I danced today! He was sitting in his wheelchair; he was holding one of my hands and then his other hand was on my waist. My hand was on his shoulder, and together we swayed. Then, he twirled me around! The first time, I initiated it and then the second time he did. It was so much fun! No music was needed ;) Those moments are a treasure!


  1. Hi Kathleen, Congrats on your "first" dance :-D!!

    I heard this today and wanted to share it with you before your feet hit that California soil...but I wasn't sure how to get it to you before you left. I was sooo pleased to see that you posted tonight so I could share this encouraging song by an "old" time singer...Sandi Patti. It's to encourage you and let you know that no matter WHAT...."God is seeing you through", AND He goes before you!


    "Never comes down as expected
    In sometimes mysterious ways
    How my heavenly Father surrounds me
    Goes before me
    He is there in each moment unfolding
    Every treacherous step I must take
    As He lights my day

    God is walking me through
    And making me sing
    He's turning my whole world around
    With the joy that He brings
    He's breaking my fall
    Lifting me up
    Changing my heart's point of view
    God is walking me through

    Peace at the height of confusion
    Calm in the worst of my fears
    Not a victim to life's circumstances
    All the wayward chances
    There's a reason for each disappointment
    And a rainbow above every cloud
    I will say out loud

    Repeat Chorus

    It's ever the same
    The pleasure and pain in every life
    But count mine as gain to walk in His light"

    Blessings to you & Cale in this "new land".....
    Judy Jay (Dryden, NY)

  2. PS....Oops.....the title of the song is:


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