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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!!!

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I can't type as fast as the thoughts are coming out of my head! Ahh! CALE IS A 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's see if I can get this out. There's going to be a few squeaks and squeals during all of this, good thing you can't hear me! :) I've noticed more of a change in Cale today, but more so from the start of the trip. He's been even more aware of whats going on around him, and more responsive. This evening after dinner, the Neuropsychologist walked in Cale's room. She wanted to do an evaluation on him, checking to see where he's at and how much he's doing. After she had been in for a while, she said from what she had just seen, with talking with him and even while she was talking with us, she was studying him, that she felt he was a level 5! Oh my goodness! I was stunned. I think it had to process a little, but as soon as she walked out, I felt like I was about to fly! Thank you Lord! She did say that the scale is just an outline (which we've been told from the beginning) and that he can go back and forth BUT tonight he's a 5!

Today was another busy day. Cale had x-rays of his knee and abdomen done, and an ultra sound done on his legs. He started some therapy, I think today was just speech and PT. This first week, everyone is working out the schedule and figuring out how much he can tolerate. Pat the PT guy, wanted to get Cale up and walking. First I gave Cale his shoes to put on. Yesterday was the first day that he put both of them on by himself. Today, he put his shoe on and grabbed the laces to tie them! Yes! He could do the first part, but because he has so much trouble getting his right hand to do what it's supposed to, he was getting it tangled. When he couldn't do it, he got mad. This is a good thing! It was interesting to watch because he just backed off from it and crossed his arms. When I told him he was doing a good job, he shook his head "no". After some encouraging, he tried again with the other shoe. He didn't get it today, but he will!

Once the shoes were on, it was time to walk. I had explained to Pat about Cale's pain in the left knee, and how he has trouble controlling the right knee. He wanted to go ahead and just see what Cale was going to do, and, well...Cale walked! He did 150ft, with out a brace, with out anybody helping him move his right leg, and the whole time he was looking around. He looked at the painting as he walked by, the signs on the walls, and people...he loved it! At one point he was walking pretty quickly too! One day, he'll be walking (with out help!) with me by his side, and holding my hand. I can't wait!


I'm loving this facility. They are so great with Cale! One of the first things I noticed yesterday, was how they continually referred to him as "SGT Darling" and "soldier". It was really cool. They are also VERY focused on getting him to do everything by himself. It's a constant encouragement here, they were even showing him how to lock the wheel chair by himself. It's very much a mind set of he IS going to do this, not IF he's able. He's going to be having lots of therapies once they get the scheduling figured out. They have PT, OT, Speech, Recreational, Vision, Hearing, and Memory. Also, right now he's getting fed every 4 hours, even through the night. The goal is by Monday, he'll be getting fed; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and than a little before bed. That will get his system ready for when he starts eating real food. Cale seems to be loving it too. I've been asking if he does, and if they're taking good care of him and he always nods "yes", so that helps me feel better :)

Good things...GREAT things! I'm continually telling Cale, that I'm so proud of him, he's doing so great, he's amazing, he's fighting so hard, he's going to get all better, and that I love him VERY much. Cale is such a blessing to me.

Last thing...the address is updated! :)


  1. WAAAAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!! How's your new place?? By the way, even though I can't literally hear you, I can imagine those squeaks and squeals! :) Love you guys! -Mellie

  2. Oh my land, My heart is just a glow with the great news you have given us. I have known Cale for most of his life and I know he will give it his all. I can't even imagine how much of a glow you and Kathy have inside. Keep that glow of Love for that is the glow of our Lord smile. Praise God

  3. Kathleen, every journey begins with one step...but you and Cale are skipping right along as the Angels hold your hands!!
    Welcome to the west is good to know you are in our time zone again and just a little south of us up here in the Tri-Cities.
    You are constantly in our thoughts. Your lives are such an inspiration to us...your love for your Cale is precious to watch. Your endless faith is like a Lighthouse shinning brightly in the foggy night...
    Love Karla KBC <><

  4. Sissy, I am celebrating with you! When I talked to Kathy yesterday and she told me how nice the facility was and how close you were to Cale and how nice your room was I was thinking, "YES! She deserves to be spoiled a little bit!" And now even better news! Now that you are a few hours behind I have to wait to read the blog till in the morning but what a great start to my day! I know the progress will continue, the good work the Lord started He will be faithfull to finish. Cale is prooving to everyone the fighter we all know he is. You GO boy!
    Love you so much, Sissy, and miss you lots and lots!

  5. PRAISE GOD!! How exciting and encouraging to see the improvements that Cale continues to make. I think of you daily and look forward to future updates! -Abby Littlefield

  6. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow!!! He looks awesome in the picture!!! Keep praying and God will keep answering your prayers. What a testimony Cale will be able to stand up and give one day!
    Mandy Anderson

  7. Praise God!!! He is so amazing!! I'm so happy for you and Cale!!

  8. Kathy Beckett7/23/10, 8:26 AM

    What a blessing...for you to see the fruit of your faith and work. It seems like this trip provided some tremendous stimulation for Cale. I'm so thrilled to hear of all his progress just in a couple of days in CA!! Please tell Cale's mom we are praying that she has a wonderful visit with you and Cale. I love you!

  9. I can't stop grinning....and I agree with Mellie about the squeeks and squeels. :)

    Greg & Julie


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