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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Psalm 35:28

I'm singing my heart out to God—what a victory! He pitched horse and rider into the sea. God is my strength, God is my song, and, yes! God is my salvation. This is the kind of God I have and I'm telling the world! This is the God of my father— I'm spreading the news far and wide! God is a fighter, pure God, through and through.
-A passage in Exodus from The Message

I will praise His name on the hard days and the easy days, the good days and the bad days. Today, I'm praising His name on one of the really good days :)

I had to go to Ft. Bragg this morning to get some stuff taken care of. I was determined to make it a quick trip, but it ended up taking all day. At least I tried ;) When I left I still didn't know if we were going to be leaving tomorrow or not. As soon as I got back, I had to meet with Beth and get things figured out with her. It was a long draining day. When I was still at Bragg, Amy sent me a text saying that Dr. Wilhelm had been in with Cale. I was dying to know how things went. When I got back to the hospital, the speech therapist told me that she had gone in Cale's room with Dr. Wilhelm. Guess what Cale did?! He went under the sheet! Deirdre (the speech therapist) said he wouldn't come out! Oh goodness! All I can do is laugh! Anyways, so I guess through the evaluation, Dr. Wilhelm saw what she needed to...AND, CALE IS A 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God! It's truely a miracle, and everyone here recognizes that. He was never supposed to come out of level 3, but by the touch of God's hand on Cale's body, we can rejoice at level 4! Talk about an instant shot of espresso! Whew! My energy level went from negative numbers to through the roof! This is a day to celebrate God's healing in Caleb's body. He's coming back to me. He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes. Deuteronomy 10:21

I did find out that we are now leaving Thursday. It's a HUGE blessing because after being gone all day, I still have a few things that need to be done. My car is being picked up tomorrow afternoon and being shipped to CA. They said that it should be there on Saturday, so it'll just be a few days without-another HUGE blessing.

I wanted to give some details of what life is going to be like. I don't know a ton, but I've mentioned a few things with out explaining, so here goes...
First thing, I had made the descision that Basil was not going to join Cale and I during the program in CA for a few different reasons. I'm going to be living in the free housing at the facility and they don't allow pets, also, there is a point towards the end of the program that they set up an "apartment" like room, that I will move in with Cale, and they will teach us how to function in our own home, with Cale's disabilities. It sounds really great! I'm believing that Cale is going to make it that far, so I'm going to plan for it. :) It wasn't an easy descision to give Basil up for all that time, but Cale is priority!! :)

Again, another HUGE blessing, Kristen, a good friend of mine, lives not that far away from the facilitly. I just found out today, that her parents are willing to take Basil for me! That means that I will still get to see him, and so will Cale! It's so exciting! God is pouring blessings on me today! Thank you Lord!

I was told that the free (yep another HUGE blessing!!) housing that I will be staying at is right across from Cale's unit. It sounds like it's right on the facility, the lady I spoke with in admissions said she wouldn't even call it a road between the two buildings. It's going to be so nice!

Oh, let me sing to God all my life long, sing hymns to my God as long as I live! Oh, let my song please him; I'm so pleased to be singing to God. Psalm 104:33

Tomorrow is another busy day, but everything is coming together nicely...I think! :)

Please continue to Pray for Adam and Amy. It's been a hard day, Amy also talked with Dr. Wilhelm. Adam is in God's hands and we know that we can trust in Him 100%

I'm going to cuddle with my sweet husband now :)


  1. Kathleen....I can't even go to bed until I've read your blog....sometimes it's past my bedtime :-D...but I need to read how the Lord has moved in yours & Cale's life... and how He has blessed your day!!
    Such exciting news!!!...and your excitement is felt through your writings....(You MUST think of publishing your blogs....Maybe a book???....they are sooo encouraging!!!)
    I'm sure that I'm not the only one who hopes that your "blog" will continue as your journey takes you down this new "God-ordained" path! Many of us are right HERE...... with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The Lord has done this thing with His right hand....."

    Much love & blessings & continual prayer....
    Judy Jay (Dryden, N.Y.)

  2. Oh wow! Praise God for all that He is doing!

  3. LEVEL FOUR! I'm so excited right now, I would squeal but I have sleeping guests upstairs!

    ..... Okay, I squealed, I had to do it!

    What a wonderful thing to read! Kathleen, do you know that God is not only GOING to do something great through you and Caleb, that HE ALREADY has done great things through YOU?! Meaning, I can't fathom what a testimony you've been to everyone you've encountered along this way, including me. My heart is so full for you guys, I can't wait to see you two living a blissful married life again somewhere, and soon, but I truly do hope to see you again and have our kids play together. :) Keep blogging! This is so exciting! Praise God!

  4. :):):) I'm so happy for you!

  5. What blessings! What joy!! So happy for you both. Love, Bonnie, Ryan, Grace & Isaac.

  6. Tears of joy and happiness for all Gods mighty work. We love you and can't wait to hear all your new news. Blessings for a safe journey.
    Jean and Charlie

  7. Glory to God, great things he has done! I am so happy for you! Abby Littlefield

  8. Hooooray!!!!! I am so super excited for you both! Also glad that Basil will be close to you, and you will get to be so close to Cale! I read your blog everyday & it has been a blessing to me. As a nurse, I can see just how much of a miracle it is!
    ~ Heather Favret (Devore, CA)

  9. LEVEL 4!!!! Yippeeee.......

    Love and blessings,

    Greg & Julie H


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