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Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been a busy Monday! Yikes! My phone has been vibrating like crazy! I've talked with a soldier at Ft. Bragg, had my Monday meeting with Beth (the case manager), spoke to the Social Worker at the new facility, and was on the phone making plans to have my car shipped. After all of that, NOTHING has been finalized! Everything is still up in the air...great thing is, God has given me an unmeasurable amount of peace. I'm not worried about any of it. I know that God has laid out the plans long ago, and each step we have to take, is covered with His provision and grace.

Cale hasn't been himself today. I noticed his left eye was a little red yesterday, and then again today. He hasn't opened it much either. Also, I asked if his stomach was bothering him, and he nodded "yes". He was in bed most of the day, in fact, not much was done for therapy. PT did try to walk him, but his left leg seemed to be bothering him again. He did walk down the hall and back which is great!

Dr. Wilhelm comes tomorrow to do another evaluation on Cale! I started to get nervous today, after I found out she was for sure coming, because he didn't have such a great day. I had to kick that thought right out of my head! Cale is in God's hands, and I'm going to trust in Him! If he has another bad day, that's okay, the results aren't the final answer. Cale is progressing so much, and that's not going to be forgotten! I was encouraged today, from a man that I highly respect,he said that God has already healed Cale, now we wait for God's timing.

I have to make another trip to Ft. Bragg tomorrow morning. I'm praying it's a quick trip and that everything goes smoothly. Things get sticky with out certain paper work, and with out Cale being able to help, the paper work is impossible to get. Thankfully, God is so much bigger than paper work, and the system! :)

Tonight, I'm exhausted. I was dragging already by Friday, and then getting the call that we're leaving a lot sooner, hasn't given me much time for sleep. It's another late night, and tomorrow is going to be an early start. There's a lot of unknowns right now, with the immediate future; with moving to CA, and how this is all going to turn out. I always have lots of questions that I pour out to the Lord continually. Even so, I'm going to bed, feeling so much peace and hope about the future. Looking back through my whole life, God has carried me, He's brought me out of muck after muck. One day, Cale will be fully restored and so will I. One day, we'll both be looking in the sweet face of Christ and all of this will be behind us.

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up.
Psalm 71:20


  1. Kathleen you encourage me every time I read your blog! I want to thank you for all your honesty and for sharing all of this with each and every one of us! We are praying for you both! Wish I could be there to help you! I love you and miss you guys so much so much so much! :)

  2. My precious girl,
    We have kept you in our prayers and kept Cale in our prayers and how wonderful to see Gods mighty hand at work and see prayers answered. While we know that there is much work ahead of you and many unanswered questions to be known yet we know that God is in control don't we. So now you get to go on the next portion of your journey with new friends to meet and new people to inspire. You do that just by walking into a room and smiling but then you give your testimony and they are hooked and want to do all they can for you. Just be your best , do your best and believe in Jesus to do His all for you. I hope to see you again someday but I know where my hope lies and that we will see each other on the streets of heaven. How we love you. !!!! Have a great journey!!!!
    Jean and Charlie

  3. Jennifer Fisher7/13/10, 11:13 PM

    Hi Kathleen,
    I heard about Cale through TJ's fiancee Kristen. We used to live in California, so please let us know where ya'll are going to be so we can get you in touch with folks locally when you need something. You are an inspiration and I pray that God continues to heal Cale and grant you strength and patience.
    Peace and blessings,


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