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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm SGT Darling now!

First, THANK YOU everyone who took the time to watch the video! It means a lot to me. Just so everyone knows, I didn't make the video out of sadness. The night before I was all worked up about the family meeting (like I shared), but yesterday morning as I was getting ready, the song "Have Your Way" by Britt Nicole came on, and the Lord used it to take hold of my nervous heart. I believe the idea for the video was all God's doing, in fact, I had NO idea even how to make one! haha! I'm not too great with computers...even with the blog, TJ did everything, and I just had to learn how to write a new post :) It's been a hard road, but a beautiful journey. Yesterday was a bit weepy and so is today. I miss Cale, BUT look at how much we have fun together now! Everyday I feel like bits of the man I married shines through and is a reminder to my heart that he's still there and recovering more and more every day! I love the line that says "Remind me You'll take broken things and turn them into beautiful"...He already has.

Also, thank you to everyone who reads this blog. It's a place that I can pour out all my thoughts about the day, the way I'm being challenged, and all the great things that are happening in Cale's recovery! I know that there are lots of other blogs out there (I had no idea until TJ made this one!), busy schedules, and lots of commitments, but you take the time, show that you care, and spend a little time with me :) Thank you just doesn't show enough how much it touches my heart!

Well, I think we're hitting a point in the journey that Cale is deciding to make it known again what he wants and doesn't want. He's always been pretty good about it, but it's gone to a whole new level! Therapies today were a bit challenging. First, yesterday he had an eye appointment. They want to figure out if he's seeing double, if things are really blurry, or what else is going on. After about 20 minutes or so of the optometrist asking him questions and making him do stuff, Cale whips off the patch, unlocks his breaks, and starts to take off! haha! He did it in such a quick motion too! We both laughed and agreed that he was done for the day :) Today in PT, Puwan was having Cale side step, trying to strengthen his right side. Cale was holding onto the bars and Puwan was right there giving ques, but when Cale felt he was done, he turned his body and starting walking forward. Again, it gave us a good laugh. When Puwan was having Cale do some balancing, he was trying to get Cale to sit up straight and Cale was shaking his head "no"! He was not going to have any part of it! I told Cale at one point today, "I am SGT Darling now, and if you wanna get better, go home with me, and have babies, you have to get to work!" I didn't really phase him! We did have a really good talk right before speech, which, I think it helped!

Today ST was outside, and Patricia brought ice cream. Cale did so good! The goal to start off was 10 bites, and Cale ended up finishing the whole thing! He took hold of the cup, took his own bites, and swallowed with out Patricia having to give him ques!! On his birthday, the idea is that I'll be able to take him out for ice cream, and he can have some outside of therapy. Patricia knows the goal, and she's helping us work towards that :) He also tried peaches for the first time! I was so excited for him to try it, but my heart was pounding because I didn't want him to choke! He chewed it really good, but I think it freaked him out. The second time he did try, but it was so uncomfortable for him. We'll try that again another time I think. It's gotta be weird!

The morning started off a little rough.

I was going to the BOK Ranch to ride Ranger again, but when I went to start the was dead. Blah. By the time I could get help, I had missed the ride, and had to take it to the shop. Turns out I had to replace the battery ( isn't cheap!), and get a something, something done. After several hours I picked up my little car. Hmm...wasn't I just having thoughts about trading it in? "Cale, since the Honda took time a way from us being together, can I trade it in for a Toyota Tacoma now?!" I was sure this was going to get the answer I wanted, instead...he shook his head "no". ;)

1 comment:

  1. Umm Maybe you should try a Ford F-150 and he would agree??? LOL... So good to see him eating ice cream.
    One of my favorite sayings in the world is " you can't change the cards you are dealt , just how you play the hand"
    You are playing the hand so great my friend. Remember he has you in His hands. We love you so much.
    Charlie and Jean


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