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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Laughter is an instant vacation. ~Milton Berle

First, I think all of you should know that I just ate dinner at 10pm, so I'm writing this on a full stomach of pasta...not a bright idea so late because I can eat A LOT of pasta. I feel that there are noodles coming out of my ears-and it's going to be a long post...

Cale's day started off with ST and only a 30 minute session. He seemed a lot more confused today than he has been the last couple. We're not in America, we have kids, and it's 1977...things are just so jumbled in his head right now. It was a mix of a good and not so great session. He's getting there though!

Since she only did 30 minutes, that gave Cale and I a tiny break before his OT therapy. We were just in his room talking and I started to hum. This of course led into us dancing :) I was humming the song from Shrek, when the girl hits such a high note that the bird explodes, not the most romantic song, but the tune at the beginning gets stuck in my head all the time. Anyways, Cale and I were dancing; I was tripping all over my feet (it's not easy to dance with a wheel chair!) and Cale started laughing at me!! It was the greatest moment! HE LAUGHED!!! There was just a tiny bit of voice when he first started, and then it was all in his face and his body. We were laughing together at me and my lack of skills...AMAZING! Awe! I was walking on clouds!

He's so silly!!

In OT they worked on some really hard stuff. After working on a few things with his right hand, Monica (OT), did some really hard tests with Cale. Some of it was matching questions, but with pictures that were challenging even for me. I was so proud of how Cale was doing. Keep praying for endurance! He gets frustrated and with a little encouraging he will finally point to the answer and it's correct most of the time, well at least half, which is a big deal! His brain is working! :)

Big stuff in PT! Cale stood all by himself holding a cane for over a minute! It was so cool! The guy he had for therapy today, worked on his balance and strengthening his core. I keep reminding him of a goal that we made last week, one day we'll get to walk the beach, just me and him holding hands. It'll happen if he keeps working hard! Here's about half of the time he was standing...

Basil came to visit Cale today after all the therapies were done! It was really exciting! I really think Cale remembered him too! It was right after PT so Cale was so tired, but it was still fun and so great for all three of us to be together again!

Cale was able to stay awake for about 20 minutes, but then he was so far past being done with the world. It was time for sleep (yay for sleep! The brain gets it's healing time!) so Cale went back to his room and I went to a ranch near by! A friend that I met here has a horse and invited Basil and I to come and have a little fun :) It was so funny to see Basil with this giant animal! He wouldn't get out of the car at first, but finally he came out slow, with all eyes glued to Jake the horse. It was a nice little hour getaway :)

I forgot to let everyone know, that last night, Cale and I went to my room and had a movie night! This was such a big thing! We got to lay on my bed, out of the hospital and cuddle! Cale even picked the movie! :) He was able to watch about 10 minutes, until it was too much, but he at least made it that far! Such a blessing!
Also, there has been a piece of glass behind Cale's left ear since the accident, and yesterday at his appointment, the doctor got it out! Finally! It was a good size piece too! Don't worry, I saved it ;)

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21
It was so great to laugh with Cale today, a moment I will never forget.

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  1. It is so good to see all the new things Cale is doing! Seeing him standing there is AMAZING!! The new moments you are getting to have together, simple things like a movie night, are such treasures! I'm so happy Basil is back with his Mommy where he belongs and can be there with Cale :)

    Miss you and love you!



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