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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!!

Tonight I start off with asking for prayer for sleep. I know I've asked before, I know lots of you have been praying, but I come asking again. Usually, since the accident, my 'no sleep' comes in waves, and really, for those of you that know me well, sleep is actually something I've struggled with for a VERY long time. Well, it's not getting better. During the day, I'm so tired and as soon as I get to my room-my eyes stay open. The last couple days, I have to try so hard not to fall asleep, in the middle of doing something, but a few times, when Cale lays down to rest, I fall asleep with him. That parts not so bad though ;) I know that I won't be able to function if it keeps going like this, so if you remember, please pray for good solid sleep for me and Cale :) Thanks!!

Now, about the's been good. Cale actually had a good psych session this morning. He's been having a few moments that for me, are sometimes funny, but for him, I know it's been frustrating. He's becoming even More aware of what's going on, so things are bothering him that weren't before. Sunday night, he got pretty upset that I was eating dinner and not sharing with him. I first had asked him if it was ok for me to eat in his room and he nodded "yes", but when I started eating, Cale was tapping and shrugging his shoulders. When I told him that I couldn't share with him, he got really sad and kept shrugging his shoulders. I explained everything to him, and then offered to eat somewhere else or throw it away. He didn't want me to do either, but as I kept eating, he was making a horrible face. "Cale are you ok?" He shook his head "no". "Are you hurting anywhere?" I asked. He nodded
"yes". "Can you show me where it hurts?" He tapped his heart twice, his head, his heart again, and then his head. "Your heart hurts?" "yes" he nods. "Oh dear, should I get the doctor?", he shook his head "no". clicks for me..."Cale, is your heart sad because I'm eating and not sharing with you?" -"yes" he nods. Poor guy! This morning, we had the same kind of thing. We've been starting to ask him to pick out what he needs to do a task, like, to brush his teeth, we'll show him, soap, lotion, toothpaste and tooth brush, and a razor, then ask him to pick which one he needs to brush his teeth. Well, he doesn't usually get it right so we have to show him the right object, and then explain why. When he pointed to the lotion today, and I showed him the right thing (doing it in a way that doesn't make him feel embarrassed) his mood and face changed right away. After that, he didn't want to do anything. "Cale, are you ok?", "no" he shakes his head. "Are you sad?", "yes" he nods. "Are you angry too?", "yes", "Is it because these things are hard for you to do, and you think it should be easy?" "yes". And then he looks at me, and I can tell how hard this all is for him. I can't imagine what must go through his head sometimes. When Dr. Howe came in for his psych session, I told her about all this, and she had a good talking time with him. It's all good stuff, just hard! :)

In OT they put him on the machine that works his right hand. The very first time they did this with him, he could barely keep his right hand on the handle, but now, he keeps a good hold of it the whole time! Good job Cale!

RT was really exciting today! Cale got to ride a bike outside! It was so much fun! On Sunday, we should be able to go out in the parking lot and then around the campus. He seemed to really love it, and he went pretty quick too. It was a hot day out, and he was wearing a black shirt, but as far as getting too tired, that wasn't a problem. Here's a video of us riding real fast! :) Like, speed racers!

He's still been doing good with swallowing. he almost ate a whole container of
pudding again. I was talking to Patricia (ST) about it, because right now, he will swallow every bite good, but he needs the direction for every step. So, when he takes a bite, we have to say "Caleb, close your lips and swallow." and then he will do it. If we don't say anything, then it just sits in his mouth and he doesn't know what to do with it, so eventually, it just drools out. I was wondering if he had do be eating consistently without the queuing before he can be put on any kind of diet, and yes, he does. It's ok, I know he's going to get there! I'm just really wanting it to be before his birthday!

Which, if you wanna send a birthday card to be apart of his special day, you can! It doesn't matter AT ALL if you don't know him! He will love getting to open all the cards and see how many people care about him! :)

Also, just within the last couple days, I have gotten some very encouraging and wonderful emails! Thank you SO much! They are just what I needed! I'm not getting discouraged about his recovery, or feeling anything negative, BUT I am very tired. Getting away from the hospital isn't the problem, I just really need good sleep, so with being so tired, it's easier to feel like this journey will just keeping going and going and going...I just said that out loud as I was typing with the voice from the guy that does the dry eyes commercial! haha! Oh dear.

Oh! I almost forgot! After lunch today, I walked in Cale's room (the door was shut) and this is what I saw...

It startled me at first and then I started laughing. I asked him "you just sitting there hanging out?" "yes" he nods... :) haha!


  1. Not hitting on your man or anything but, Kathleen, He looks really, really good!
    ;) seriously!

    praying for his heart...that Jesus would draw SO near to his very, very alive spirit inside!
    love, Bit

  2. WOW what a difference really in 6 months Kathleen. Looking at him now sitting there waiting for you all studly (LOL) and stuff....hahaha.... He really is getting better... Now what shall we do for you and your sleeping???? Have you tried CD's like ocean sounds or something like that? Anyway we are praying for you always my sweet.
    Love you...

  3. My name is Lisa and I am a friend of Susy and Chad Fairchild. I received a call from them back in February asking for us to pray for you guys. Susy recently directed me to this blog that I might see how far you have come, but also that I would be encouraged to pray. I will do just that. Thank you for your testimony of God's faithfulness. I pray that God would pour out His comfort and strength on you and for you. May Cale's Creator bring him back to full recovery and as you enjoy your man, may you look ahead with joy to many years ahead! Love from Potsdam, NY Lisa Criscitello

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    I knew he was making great progress but I couldn't believe how strong and agile he looked in the video - wow!! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you and will be praying for some satisfying sleep tonight.

    One of your friends you have never met,
    Lisa B.

  5. You may never know how much your blogs are changing the way I think- but I thank god for u both and am praying for miracles! Michelle

  6. Wow Kathleen,
    I loved watching you and Cale on your bike ride. I bet you guys will be hitting some park trails in the near future! I know God has that adventure planned for you both. Keep hanging in there and laughing along the way. We all love you back home in Washington.
    Susan Crawford

  7. Cale looks to be doing great! I added your blog to my fb again today and prayers are coming in for your continued healing Cale and for you Kathleen that you will be able to get some rest. You are both such an inspiration for all of us.
    Diane in Washington

  8. Kathleen so excited for the progress that has been made in Caleb's recovery continuing to pray for both of you and now that I know you need sleep will put that at the top of my list ! Your blogs keep me so spiritually stimulated - because I know God is at work and I see his hand moving , but also because I see the powerhouse of faith that was hidden in this quiet unasuming girl - Kathleen you are a delight to my soul, I leap for joy when I see you win a struggel and I cry as you face yet another, I am so proud of you and all that you are becoming in Him! The Father's hand is upon you and His spirit rest on your heart and your hands as you minister with love to your husband and also those around you ! Be encouraged He is ever near and He has not forgotten you or forsaken you , you are dear to His heart and more precious than you could ever imagine!!!! Be blessed Kathleen You are blessing so many !!!!!!! Love ya Reenie


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