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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tootsie Pop!

It was a super duper day for Cale! So many great and exciting things! It started this morning and just stayed a good ol' day :) Cale started his Psych Therapy today. The Neuropsychologist will now meet with him Tuesday through Friday, every morning at 9:30am. That just made Cale an even more busy guy! I was so impressed with how he did during that session. First I was thinking...he doesn't do too well in the mornings, so this isn't going to be good. Well, I think when he's already awake, the world is okay to include him, but don't think about trying to wake him up to include him! Nope, when he's sleeping, the world can continue with out him! The therapists at Wake got to witness him at his finest :) Susan (PT) and Carolyn (OT) were made with quick reflexes I think! So, anyways, he answered every question that Dr. Howe was asking him! Including her asking him if he has met her before, how many times, and what he was doing when they last met. When she was all done with the session, she told Cale, "I'll be back tomorrow with some tests, I think you're understanding a lot more than we all think because you can't talk yet." Ahh! Yes! What?! Yes! I heard right! She's the Neuropsychologist!!! Oh dear. I've been saying this all along, but how great to hear it from her!

Next it was time for OT. His regular therapist is off today, and the one he usually has when she's not at work, was out for the day. When the new guy walked in I was thinking "uh oh, new people with Cale never work out" forgetting that he did fine with the move here...and to my surprise, he did great! In fact, he used his right hand to do so much today! It takes so much effort and energy from Cale to use his right hand, but he's doing it! Pressing on towards the goal.

Yay for rest breaks! After OT, Cale was done. At 1pm it was time for PT. Again, Cale did so good! They had him on the treadmill again, hooked up to the thing, trying to correct his footing. This is easier for him because he's being held up more, but at the same time, it's tiring because with the treadmill going, he has to take his steps continually, instead of pausing after each step, or going at a slower pace. After that was a long walk down the hall. He was worn out!

Time for ST! This is where Cale was given his first treat! A Tootsie Pop! He loved it! Patty is trying to work with his swallowing. He impressed her today! Every swallow was good and not delayed at all. It's still going to take some work before he's getting food, but we're making progress! :)

Later, I was sitting outside with Cale in the garden. I've been working on getting him to write his name, and trying to do it with his right hand. Writing anything can be a huge battle because his left hand wants to take a way anything in the right hand, but the right hand wants to write...well, I told him tonight that if he did the first time with his right hand, after his left hand could have a turn. This is what Cale did!

Sorry that it's blurry, it was just so tiny on the paper. It looks so good though! I immediately jumped up and ran into the hospital, desperate to show anyone. Sad part was, it was 6pm so most everyone had already gone home for the day. They will see tomorrow though! WOW! :)


  1. i loved seeing how he wrote his name! so excited for his progress!
    glad that we are neighbors! :)

  2. I can see it just fine. Yay for all the progress he is making Kathleen. I am so pleased with how well things are going since he arrived at Fisher House. Although you are so far away it does my heart so good to know that it is all worth it and that someday Cale will be strong enough for us to all be together again. Keep up the good work and keep yourself rested and encouraged. We love you.
    Charlie and Jean

  3. Alyssa M. Hall8/4/10, 10:14 PM

    How exciting! I can't wait to hear what the Neuropsychologist says after the tests! Go Cale!


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