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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He's ready to shop! ;)

Rachel was greeted this morning with a big smile from Cale :) Even from just 2 months ago when she came, there was a difference! He knew exactly who she was today! This seems to be consistent now, when people are coming to visit.

The first therapy of the day was OT. Cale was able to count money for the first time! Georgette (OT) would give him an item and ask for an amount for Cale to pay. She started with just bills and after a bit added coins. I was really impressed with how great Cale was doing with this! Even towards the end he was struggling with the last amount, I could tell he was tired and past his point of focus, but eventually he got it-all by himself!

I was talking with Dr. Scott, actually, before Cale counted the money, about how every day pretty much, Cale is doing something new. He's making some kind of progress every day!

In RT we rode the bike outside. Cale didn't want to stop! I rode a few laps with him, Rachel rode a couple and then Rebecca (OT) rode a couple. I think we counted 8 laps total! He gets going so fast! I kept telling him, he's a speed racer! :)

Here's Rachel and Cale about to take off!!

I've received a few more emails that have been so great! I still haven't replied to all of them (even the ones from the last couple weeks!), but I will be slowly! I just want everyone to know I do read them and love getting them! Thank you!

Also, just a reminder about Cale's birthday...if you want to send a card he would love it!! i think it's a go for us to be cleared to go out and have ice cream! :)!!

A note from Rachel... :)
Hi everybody! It's so awesome seeing the differences in Cale in just 2 months! I'm amazed! 2 months ago...we were excited about Cale making the smallest head nod, counting by tapping his hand, swallowing even twice in a row with lots of help, ect, ect...Now, he makes huge head nods, whispers words, eats whole cups of ice cream and pudding, can count money, laughs loudly and smiles a ton!! He also is practically independent in his wheelchair. He uses his legs and strolls around his room and through the unit. :) I think I could go on and on. :) God is working every day in his brain and body. Cale's got an amazing wife by his side and it's been neat to see how much she's grown as well and learned how to care for him and urge him on for more. Can't wait to see what God does in the next 2 months. :)

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