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Thursday, September 2, 2010

How about some San Francisco?

Usually to get Cale to say anything, I have to say it first and then ask him to say it. Even when I say "I love you", he always responds with 3 taps, so lately I've had to ask him to use his mouth. Well, this morning he was responding all by himself! Everything I was saying, he would reply with out being asked. This is such an exciting thing! A step closer to talking! :)

Speaking of him, Rachel and I hit the road! We spent the whole day in San Francisco! I was missing Cale a lot, but now that he's at least using his breath to talk, I was able to talk to him on the phone several times. I was telling Rachel tonight, that it's such a huge blessing! It really felt like he was a little more apart of my day. The therapists are thinking that one of the reasons Cale is having such a hard time, when I'm gone is because he's bored. We've been trying to think of things that he can do independently-that's safe. Any ideas?

So...we took lots of pictures of all our fun so that you can feel like you were in the city with us! :)

First stop-Lombard Street

Of course we had to see the Golden Gate bridge!

We also ate lunch at Pier 39...yummy food!

The last adventure of the day was a 49er game! It was really cool! Two tickets had been donated, so we had ourselves a good time :)

It was a long fun full day, and now we're ready for good sleep! In fact, Rachel is already out! :) Can't wait to see Cale tomorrow and hear about his therapy's!!


  1. Modeling clay? Puzzles (maybe start it together, and he can work on it later)? It is a challenge to come up with safe stuff that won't make him feel like he is being treated like a kid :P I haven't seen San Francisco yet, it is a ways away from me...

  2. Maybe he could be working with an aide to create things like the frame he made the other day :) Maybe get him some of those neat water markers that color only on paper. That way they are mess free but he can draw or practice writing skills. Maybe a skateboarding video trick compilation? He seemed to enjoy watching that guy skating...perhaps a video w/o voices so he doesn't get overwhelmed. :)


  3. Dear Kathleen,
    I am DELIGHTED you got away from the hospital to have a fun day with your dear friend Rachel!!! GOOD for you to be brave enough to trust that Cale would be safe without you at his side for a while!
    I was wondering if Cale would enjoy listening to his favorite music? How about some picture books of some of his interests? You could find some at a local library.
    I think the modeling clay idea I read about in a previous post is an excellent idea!
    Again just know that we all are still reading your posts and traveling with you during your journey!
    All My Love,
    Lorri C

  4. Kathleen,
    Great to see you taking a little bit of a"Selah"'ll feel so refreshed!!!!
    To go along with the idea of listening to music...I was wondering about listening to a story "on tape"? I'm not sure how long Cale's attention would hold perhaps something "animated".... like "Jungle Jam & Friends". While made for has a wonderful, simple, story line and is humorous & delightful for adults as well. (Well....for adult 1st grade teachers anyways....:-D).
    Also...there is always: Star Wars....Lord of the Rings.....and The lion Witch & the Wardrobe stories (on tape) & movies?? Perhaps the "dialog" will help with his speaking??
    Just a thought....
    Luv, Judy J.

  5. I love to see you smile!!! I'm glad you had fun in S.F but please tell me next time you want to watch football, See a RAIDERS GAME!!!!! LOL
    We Love You Big Sis Carla

  6. Love the idea about books on tape and if you read them on the tape - He could hear your voice while you are gone. Modeling clay outstanding ! Coloring books are great stress relievers for me, so maybe a box of crayolas and a Star Wars coloring book would keep him busy and using his motor skills. Glad you had a great day with your buddy. Keep smiling- because it is a lovely smile
    Reenie Bovier

  7. YAY! Kathleen! I'm so happy that Rachel has made it out to see you! She's such a wonderful person! And you guys are just two pees in a pod! Your photos make me thing of high school! I hope your enjoying your girl time! Even the strongest need it! The last month has been very exciting for me, reading your blog. Cale is doing so well! And I know that he'll continue to grow with you by his side. You two are truly blessed to have one another. A true fairy tale love story!


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