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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It was such a good day! I can't say everything that happened because I want to surprise his mom on Friday, but it was definitely a good day! I will explain later ;)

RT and PT were combined today. Cale played the Wii again but this time standing up! First they had him get on the balance board and played the game that has soccer balls, cleats, and panda heads coming at him. The special thing about the Wii is that for my birthday (Jan 2), Cale surprised me with a Wii! We played so much the whole month of January and had so much fun with it! It was in the Toyota when the accident happened so I'm not sure if we have all the pieces still, but it's so great watching him play it now and we still are having so much fun with it! After the balance game, we played baseball again and Pat had Cale stand the whole game! His legs are getting so much stronger-woot!

One of the big things today was that Cale was officially put on the list for meal trays! He gets pureed food and they will adjust his tube feeding with whatever amount he ate. Out of the three trays, he took three bites of a jello fruit thing. He's not wanting anything to do with it. I don't blame him at all! For dinner I was trying to get him to eat even a tiny bit so I took a bite of the mashed potatoes, and boy were they yucky! I did get him a few jars of baby food because that's all pureed, but we didn't have a good start with it this morning. He did eat some mango puree and loved it! :) This whole food thing is tough unless it's a bowl of ice cream! He always manages to dig and destroy whatever amount given! He loves it! I'm going to try to get an ice cream cake for his birthday!

Grow flowers of gratitude in the soil of prayer. ~Terri Guillemets

There were so many blessings today! My heart is so full of thankfulness for ALL the Lord is doing! I'm asking Cale to think of one thing he is thankful for every night when we're praying together. Tonight he said "you". Awe! So sweet :)

Thank you so much, everyone that continues to pray for us and ask how we're doing. The power of prayer is not a small thing and I don't take it as a small thing when I hear people say they're praying for us! So many miracles are happening every day in Cale and me! I was able to talk to him about (the surprise!) and how it's a amazing! Thank you for praying!!!!

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